Life Journal: Our 7th Anniversary

“Is he sweet?” It was a question I never thought I could ever hear that’s why I never thought of sugar-coating my answer as I simply said NO.

I’ve always posted about our travels and some food excursions but I never talked about our love story here on my blog. Not even about who he is except for his name. LOL! So, this guy, Jason is the first (and I pray the last) guy I ever dated and yes, I also went to the praning stage where I won’t stop texting him and I get mad whenever he won’t reply and I also get furious whenever his computer games got more attention from him than I. But that was years ago, why? It’s simple, I got tired. Getting tired doesn’t mean I fell out of love but because I got tired being infuriated over petty things that obviously lead to fights. Few years later, we still do fight a lot but it doesn’t get to the point where I’d cry myself to sleep and regret the next day because of my puffy eyes. Ha! Ha! We just fought over where to have lunch or because I get too irritated easily (maybe because I was hungry or PMSing). There are times that he’ll just ignore my rants but there are few moments where he’ll rant in return which would irritate me even more. Oh my, what a crazy muggle am I?

Back to the question if he is sweet, I thought he really isn’t. He’s a funny guy who would laugh at you whenever you miss a step at the stairs before helping you get back up. He doesn’t know how to comfort you whenever you get sad because he’ll just teach you (he’s a teacher BTW) how you should’ve handled things instead of getting more problems by crying. He’s that kind of guy. At first, the inner child within me burst into anger because I feel like he doesn’t care at all but later on, I’ve realized that his way of showing affection is far more different to what I’ve seen on movies and what I’ve read on novels or manga. He’s the best friend who would make you laugh whenever the atmosphere gets gloomy or whenever he just feels like it and he’s the partner who would just pat you at the back and you know you already got some back up whatever battle you’re facing.

Last July 27, we celebrated our 7th year together. Yes, we’ve dated so long already and a lot of people are already asking when we’ll get married. Well honestly, both of us don’t know because we don’t have savings. We don’t have a house, not even a car. We’re just living life like it’s ours. And I don’t know where were headed. But still… we’re living. What a carefree way to say it. But yeah.

We first went to the Bishop’s House near the Saint Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral to visit my uncle who’s a priest as he asked us some errands to do.

We didn’t take our time there for so long as my uncle was having a meeting at that time so we went to SM CDO Downtown Premiere earlier from what we’ve planned so we watched not a love story nor a horror movie but our much awaited favorite, Cars 3. We we’re supposed to watch it on the second screening but because we arrived earlier, we’re able to watch it on the first.

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Life Journal: A New Year

How’s the first week of your 2017? Mine was definitely great and I pray it’s a good sign for my year to be awesome! 😊

As a tradition, me and my family goes to my grandmother’s house to welcome the new year, same goes to my cousins, aunts and uncles.

As you can see, we’re a huge, wacky, healthy and happy family. However, we’re incomplete that time.

New Year’s Day was also my father’s birthday. It’s so amazing to have everyone celebrate his birthday plus he gets free fireworks from everybody 😂

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Travel Journal: Cebu (Last Days)

You’ll always know your trip is a memorable one once you just can’t get the scenes out of your head. Same goes for me, I just can’t forget my Cebu trip with Jason and 2 months have already passed since it happened.

We didn’t have plans for our 5th day except our dinner treat for Daddy Bench at Lantaw. My mother highly recommended the place as they serve awesome dishes with a view of the sea and the stars as your roof. But before that, me and Jason went back to the Mactan Shrine first to buy souvenirs for our friends.

Nope. He never knew I took a photo of him and by the way, we were wearing the shirt I bought in Oslob.

Daddy Bench was pretty busy with his schedule of mass that day. He actually wanted to bring us on a museum just around Lapu-Lapu but he can’t fit it in his schedule. But it’s okay, we already had so much fun all thanks to him. We thought we should at treat him to dinner just like what I just stated earlier. So we went to Lantaw Floating Restaurant together with my cousin Charlie and his girlfriend after we attended Daddy Bench’s last mass of the day.

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Life Journal: Sunday Getaway at Ultra Winds

Hello! Before I continue blogging my awesome trip in Cebu, I’ll share my chill and fun-filled Sunday getaway with my college buddies at Ultra Winds ❤

Last Sunday, November 13, 2016, I was supposed to finish my shift at 7 in the morning however we got another power interruption that allowed me to prepare earlier for our much awaited outing. Yeah, we’ve been planning to get together since forever. However, life has come to all of us and we just can’t find a schedule that fits for everyone and only 5 of us ended up gathering together, Jason and I and my girls, Pearly, Ate Kams and Kathleen.

Our meeting place was at Jollibee near Xavier University to have breakfast and later on, we grabbed a taxi that gave us a drive all the way to Ultra Winds at an affordable rate. The driver even offered to pick us up after we’re done. Of course, we grabbed the opportunity to avoid hassle of waiting a ride to go back home.

From left to right: Jason, me, Ate Kameko, Kathleen and Pearly

It looks pretty cool, right? Entrance fee for the pool is only 250php with free snacks! That made our day more fun 😂

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Travel Journal: Cebu (Day 1)

Hey guys! The trouble I’ve feared from my last post definitely came true. My laptop won’t work anymore but it won’t stop me from blogging the trip I’ve always been waiting for. I am currently using my cellphone’s WordPress app and I edited my photos from my favorite editing app, VSCO 😊

I’ve been longing for this trip for months. When I found out that there’s a promo fare to Cebu on Jason’s birthday, I immediately asked him if he’s okay with it and of course he was since it was both our dream to explore the world on our own plus, it was already their semester break so basically he was free. On the other hand, I could just bring my work wherever I may go as long as there is an internet connection and my laptop was still working at that time, luckily.

So our adventures began…

Both of our parents weren’t able to see us to the airport since they were busy. Jason and I thought it was still okay since it would be a huge step for us to see things for the first time on our own.

He fetched me at home around 10 o’clock in the morning and then we grabbed a taxi to Limketkai Mall where we’ll ride the Magnum Shuttle to the airport. We arrived there around 12NN already and I admit that I was already starving. But we checked in first, have our baggage checked and chose a seat and then finally I had my lunch.

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