Monsters Travels: Bohol

It’s good to be back! Not that my cell phone has gone mad again for me not to blog but I don’t have anything to write at all. Actually, I am feeling really lucky nowadays. My 2017 is going smoothly so far and I hope it’ll last for a long time. I already bought a laptop for me to work and write easier, jeez finally! If I just really save up, I can come up with something. Same goes for travelling, if I earn enough, I could travel enough and Bohol is the first for this year and this time, I am going with Jason’s family.

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Monsters Travels Cebu! (Day 3 at Temple of Leah)

Hey there! I know this is a bit too late already since our trip was over a month ago however I still have to share my fun experience since, well… it’s definitely fun for me! 😂

If you are asking what’s keeping me so long, first is, I’m too distracted with the anime I’m in love as of the moment and I’m having a post of it when I’m done with my Cebu escapade.

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Sunday Getaway at Ultra Winds

Hello! Before I continue blogging my awesome trip in Cebu, I’ll share my chill and fun-filled Sunday getaway with my college buddies at Ultra Winds ❤

Last Sunday, November 13, 2016, I was supposed to finish my shift at 7 in the morning however we got another power interruption that allowed me to prepare earlier for our much awaited outing. Yeah, we’ve been planning to get together since forever. However, life has come to all of us and we just can’t find a schedule that fits for everyone and only 5 of us ended up gathering together, Jason and I and my girls, Pearly, Ate Kams and Kathleen.

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Summer Hangover!

I really spent quite some time to get over with my recent adventure in Surigao. But in the end, I end up thinking of having MORE. Well, I can’t go back there yet but I am really planning to. When my parents saw the pictures taken with my GoPro, they were so jealous that they would want to book for a reservation in the travel agency and of course, I won’t let them to book without me.

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Surigao (Part 4)

While we’re still in Enchanted River, I thought I am contented with what I’ve paid already but I guess I deserve even more! We departed from Enchanted River at around 4PM and arrived on our next stop which would be the hotel or cabin where we will be staying for the night. We arrived in MacArthur’s Place in Britania but we haven’t rested right away since we are so awed with the view of the place.

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