Life Journal: A New Year

How’s the first week of your 2017? Mine was definitely great and I pray it’s a good sign for my year to be awesome! 😊

As a tradition, me and my family goes to my grandmother’s house to welcome the new year, same goes to my cousins, aunts and uncles.

As you can see, we’re a huge, wacky, healthy and happy family. However, we’re incomplete that time.

New Year’s Day was also my father’s birthday. It’s so amazing to have everyone celebrate his birthday plus he gets free fireworks from everybody 😂

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Life Journal: Sunday Getaway at Ultra Winds

Hello! Before I continue blogging my awesome trip in Cebu, I’ll share my chill and fun-filled Sunday getaway with my college buddies at Ultra Winds ❤

Last Sunday, November 13, 2016, I was supposed to finish my shift at 7 in the morning however we got another power interruption that allowed me to prepare earlier for our much awaited outing. Yeah, we’ve been planning to get together since forever. However, life has come to all of us and we just can’t find a schedule that fits for everyone and only 5 of us ended up gathering together, Jason and I and my girls, Pearly, Ate Kams and Kathleen.

Our meeting place was at Jollibee near Xavier University to have breakfast and later on, we grabbed a taxi that gave us a drive all the way to Ultra Winds at an affordable rate. The driver even offered to pick us up after we’re done. Of course, we grabbed the opportunity to avoid hassle of waiting a ride to go back home.

From left to right: Jason, me, Ate Kameko, Kathleen and Pearly

It looks pretty cool, right? Entrance fee for the pool is only 250php with free snacks! That made our day more fun 😂

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Food Journal: Redtail (Shrimps and More)

Have you ever been on a situation where you really love something but that thing couldn’t love you back? But who cares? You just have to love ‘em.

I’m not implying to anyone but to seafood! I am asthmatic, ever since I could remember; I’ve always been out of breath. I even remembered that I’ve celebrated my second birthday at the hospital and even invited a fellow patient next door. But this isn’t about how weak I was since I was a kid but this is about how much I love seafood but it can’t love me back since I am asthmatic and I am allergic to those. Even Jason is allergic because he is also asthmatic. We can’t go to any seafood restaurant alone since we it would take us really long to order and choose what to eat. But I love them! Specifically shrimps and crabs. Urgh!

Last week, I posted about Pearly and I’s food trip at Bad Burgers and when we were there, we decided to have another one at Redtail Shrimps and more since I’ve never tried there and of course, for the love of seafood without thinking of my allergies, going there excites me. It was a good time as well because the LET exam result was just announced and our dear ate Kameko passed and Pearly and I decided that we’d treat ate Kams as a celebration of a wonderful achievement.

We went there last Monday, May 23 after work.

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