Happy New Year!

How’s the first week of your 2017? Mine was definitely great and I pray it’s a good sign for my year to be awesome! 😊

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Camiguin (Part 2)

When it comes to beaches, never miss out Camiguin. We had to wake up so early on the second day of our trip since we are going to the famous White Island of Camiguin! We didn’t even have breakfast yet but it was okay since if we go there later than 7AM the sun’s so up already. Well, that’s their reason. Haha!

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Camiguin (Part 1)

This may sound crazy but this blog post is a little too late already since this happened way back in April. It took quite some time since I really don’t know which photos to choose because finally, I had the chance to have a vacation and the good part was I was with my family and we really took a lot of photos while we were at Camiguin Island.

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Valentine’s Day 2016

Valentine’s Day isn’t just a day for couples. Not even a day for my boyfriend and mine. I actually spent half of it with my family and later on me and Jason went to church because it’s Sunday.

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What Happened to The Monster?

It’s been a while. Actually, I think it has been seven months already since my last post. I’ve been hiatus because my laptop don’t work anymore *cries*. The power button doesn’t turn on at all!

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