Life Journal: A New Year

How’s the first week of your 2017? Mine was definitely great and I pray it’s a good sign for my year to be awesome! 😊

As a tradition, me and my family goes to my grandmother’s house to welcome the new year, same goes to my cousins, aunts and uncles.

As you can see, we’re a huge, wacky, healthy and happy family. However, we’re incomplete that time.

New Year’s Day was also my father’s birthday. It’s so amazing to have everyone celebrate his birthday plus he gets free fireworks from everybody 😂

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Travel Journal: Camiguin Island (Part 2)

When it comes to beaches, never miss out Camiguin. We had to wake up so early on the second day of our trip since we are going to the famous White Island of Camiguin! We didn’t even have breakfast yet but it was okay since if we go there later than 7AM the sun’s so up already. Well, that’s their reason. Haha!

Port to White Island

Here we go!

Catching up with the sunrise

See that little island over there? There are no trees, just pure white sand. We stayed there for just one and a half hour but we already had so much fun.

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Travel Journal: Camiguin Island (Part 1)

This may sound crazy but this blog post is a little too late already since this happened way back in April. It took quite some time since I really don’t know which photos to choose because finally, I had the chance to have a vacation and the good part was I was with my family and we really took a lot of photos while we were at Camiguin Island.

My sisters and I were actually not supposed to be a part of this trip since this was intended for my dad to have fun with his workmates together with our mom. But He decided to have us as well since we never really had a trip together as a family.

Camiguin Island is a small island which can be found in Mindanao and even though it is small, you can find a lot of beautiful tourist spots out there.


Port of Balingoan


Welcome to Camiguin Island!

Obviously, my mom isn’t very fond of travelling light. Haha! But it’s okay, we are five in the family, everyone’s hands should be busy. We went to the inn where we’ll stay for few nights right away and we still have to rest because we still have to wait to those who weren’t able to travel with us. But I was already very thrilled to start the tour!

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Food Journal: Bucket O’ Shrimp and More with Fambam

My sister, Ricca have work once again and I guess she’ll love it this time because it is in Dahilayan Nature Park! That place is really cool, like literally. I’ll be going there soon and I’ll make sure to come and visit her. She rarely goes home or shall I say, just on her rest day which falls on a Tuesday but she travels at the end of her Monday shift and arrive at dusk. So last Monday, my whole family, together with my cousin RR went to a marvellous restaurant that my parents just discovered but it was built a couple of years ago already.

My parents said they are so thrilled to bring us there because they serve seafood. Well, I can say that there are a lot of different seafood restaurants already but my parents said that this is special because they are very inexpensive. Okay, so what restaurant am I really talking about? It’s Bucket O’ Shrimp and More which is located at JR Borja Extension in Gusa.

I was just using my phone’s camera so they aren’t really the best photos in the world but you can’t help but drool, I swear.

2015-06-29 09.46

This what welcomed us.

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Travel Journal: Cebu 2015

I was definitely excited last Monday because I know that it would be the last day for me to work for that week even if the week just started. Why? Because I finally filed a leave! No kidding. I never really planned on using it, maybe just on emergencies especially because I get so sick so easily. But the very reason why I was so excited because I am going to have a one week vacation together with my family to spend the Holy Week at Cebu!

However, whenever I get so excited, it would be so hard for me to fall asleep even though that I know that I had to wake so early to be on time or even earlier before the flight. But still, I woke up so early and prepared right away even if the schedule of our flight is still on 2PM. Ha ha!

And so… we went to my Nanay’s house at Iponan to fetch my cousin who would be riding with us on the plane. A blooper actually happened that time as well because my uncle forgot that he would be in charged to fetch my Nanay. 😀

But still, the adventure continued…


Due to the excitement that we all felt, we arrived 3hrs earlier our flight because our flight was also delayed with an hour. :3


And because of the boredom, me and my sister, Ella, played with my cousins Thea and Ica. (That’s Thea)


After a long time of waiting, we finally got a chance to be on board. Of course, my seatmates are my sister and my mother. And I got the window seat!


Wohoo! That was just a short ride but I am certainly looking forward with what’s going to happen next! Welcome to Cebu!

We were off for a long ride on our second day at Cebu. We are going to Cebu’s Castle Church or the Simala Shrine of Cebu.


Obviously and once again, we are very excited.

My uncle rented a Hiace van, 13 of us (including the driver) are going on a 2hr drive to the said place from Mactan Parish Church. Yes, we are staying on a convent. My uncle is the Parish Priest of the said church for about 3 or 4 years already and he was the one who recommended to go to Simala since it would be perfect for the Holy Week.


And because it was a 2hr drive, I had a bunch of selfie time.

But I guess, that was wrong, I actually slept the entire ride. Ha ha! My tito Rico was able to capture a photo of me but of course, I wouldn’t post it. 😛 My seatmate was my sister, both of us either snored, ate and stared in the mirror along the way. Best seatmates, I guess? And so, the long wait is over. We finally arrived.


At first glance, I thought I’m not currently in the Philippines.

It’s like an ancient castle, with lots of staircase. It’s not even painted, but I guess, it’s still better that way. For me, it is certainly breathtaking.


 They have this beautiful well but they said it’s not a wishing well therefore I didn’t make a wish. 😀


Isn’t it beautiful? This is a part of the castle where the Station of the Cross is located.


Me and my sisters went up and I captured the main part of the castle. It is where the figures of Mama Mary are located at.

I wasn’t able to take a good pictures inside because it was very crowded and there are actually a lot of devotees who are praying. But my tito Rico got me this:


Those frames were the ceilings! And have you noticed some of Mama Mary’s figures? 🙂


Of course, I didn’t missed to light a candle. I choose yellow and it is for peace.


My tito Bong (the one who photobombed beside my mother) told us that he wanted to go to Sto. Nino as well. That’s why were done in this magical and blessed castle. I’m really glad that I’m finally able to visit here. ^^

But just along the way, we stopped on Carcar, Cebu. They have wonderful shoes for sale which are said to be very sturdy and could last for a long time and are even very cheap. I bought one shoes which I’ve been looking for all this time.


This is the entrance of Sto. Nino.


I lighted a candle and prayed once again.

After that, we already decided to go back to the convent and rest for a while because there would be a mass at 6PM. But before that, we had a quick shopping at the main store of Shamrock which sells the famous delicacies of Cebu.

It was It was Maundy Thursday on our third day, nothing was planned for that day since my uncle who is our host, the parish priest was busy that day. So, me and my cousins planned our own getaway which was just in front of the church. We are going to the Mactan Newton! It’s actually just like the IT Park with lots of establishments, fast food chains, business centers, and they said even hotels and other companies are actually rising there.


My sisters, Ricca and Ella.

From the first place, only the three of us planned to go there. I really had a hard time convincing them since it was a very hot day. They fell when I told them that I would treat them food. =_=


The Mactan Newton.

Here we are! And I really love what I captured. It looks like a post card, right? It would even be better if the fountain around the dolphins are functioning but it wasn’t since it was down for the holiday. The palm trees and the buildings, the streets and its ambiance looks like you are living and walking in LA. Ha ha! I wish :3


So here I am.

We planned to go to McDonald’s and buy fries because I’m craving of it!


With my cousin, Charlie.

He is the son of my late mama Tata who lived in Camotes Island in Cebu. We are really close to each other even though we only see each other once or twice a year. My other cousins, Rr, Chicoi, Marja and Amir didn’t got a chance to had the fries because they came later than we have expected. So we had a short tour on the grounds of Mactan Newton.


At 7 Eleven.

Cagayan de Oro don’t have 7 Eleven that’s why we’ve all gathered here. I bought each one of them a sundae cone worth 15 pesos. It was really sweet and obviously, my sister, Ricca enjoyed it!


My cousins Marja and Amir are from Manila. And I love this silhouette shot of them.

We are going back to the church since we would be attending a mass. But anyway, I already had fun even just for a while.

On the 4th day of our vacation, it was Good Friday. Earlier that morning, a procession or the Station of the Cross occurred, the procession served as a reenactment of how Jesus Christ sacrificed his own life to save us from all of our sins. Sad to say I only finished up to the 5th Station, I cannot catch my breath anymore so I hitched a ride on a cab which was also part of the procession.

The Station ended back to the church and I went up to the convent immediately and had a rest. And I’ve realized how lucky I was to have a very loving God and gave me the life that I have now. But of course, I felt guilty since Jesus did so much sufferings while I cannot finish all of the stations. (∩︵∩)

Later that afternoon, me and my sister Ricca, together with my cousins Thea and Ica went to McDonald’s at the Mactan Newtown.


I considered this one of the best photos I ever had.

On our 5th day in Cebu, we went to a private rest house of my uncle’s friend. The place is still a bit in mess but for me, it is already a paradise especially if I own something like that one.


My lovely girls!

It only took us a 10-minute ride to indulge ourselves with this view:


We stayed by the cave the entire time because it was the only spot where we can step on.

Yeah, there’s actually a cave in there but there are people that are not part of our group was also hanging out there.


I just really love it here.

Sad to say, we only just had a few hours to stay there since we still had to attend a mass for Jesus Christ’s resurrection. We’re done at 3PM and the mass was still at 6PM so we had still some time to hang out with my cousins. We went back to the Newtown for the nth time.


We let these two adorable cousins of mine have fun at McDonald’s playhouse. Oh my, it must be so good to be young and free once again.


For the 6th day of my VERY long vacation, we went to SM Cebu! Well, we’re not there to go shopping though, me and my cousins really looked forward to watch Fast and Furious 7 in IMAX! And I’m really glad to have persuaded my uncle he and even treated us to burger as well from Flame It!


The movie was fantastic. And the ending brought my sister to tears.

After the movie, my sister Ricca and my cousin Chicoi are already going home ahead of us since Chicoi have a tryout for basketball on the next day and my sister would be his guardian.

Okay, so for the 7th day of my vacation, I just stayed the whole day inside the convent since I promised that I would work at home using my own laptop and my Smart Bro. And for the last day of my long vacation, I can say that I already had so much fun and rest at the same time. Even though we didn’t get a chance to visit different spots everyday, I can say that it was all worth it.

Tito Rico, tita Val and Thea went ahead of us that morning while our flight with Ella and RR was still on the evening. So we still have a free time to go around the area.


The Mactan Shrine have a lot of souvenir shops and I am really happy to find a dream catcher and a cute animal-print bag. I hope I can post them some other time with the shoes that I bought from Carcar as well. Gahh. I’m really going to miss this place. Well, can’t afford it. I had to go home and work. 。(⌒∇⌒。)