Life Journal: Del Carmen Beach and Swimming Pool

Ola! 2017 has been really very good to me. Even if it’s still the first month of the year, I’m already having lots of fun. Not mentioning my week long of sore throat and asthma, it’s still great!

I’ve been invited by Jason’s family on their outing for his uncle’s birthday and I’m actually really excited since it has been a while since I went to the beach and it’s my first time going to Del Carmen Beach and Swimming Pool as well. Jason always told me that the resort was pretty cool since it has lots of adrenaline rides to offer. I may be a scaredy-cat but once I’m on it already, I get so thrilled and brave so suddenly.

So, the day started after I finished my shift at 7 in the morning. I actually slept at 3AM *ssshh* since it wasn’t the peak hour and day for my work at all. Jason woke me up at 6 and because I was fairly excited, I woke up without hesitation LOL. We went to 7 Eleven first to have breakfast and wait for their van from Lapasan (where his relatives lives) to arrive.

Del Carmen Beach and Swimming Pool was located at Kauswagan, Lagonglong, Misamis Oriental. To be specific, it is five Mulicipalities away from us. However, we arrived at the resort for just a short time considering it’s Sunday with less traffic.

This what welcomed us when we arrived.

There was a slide, an iceberg and more stuffs but what really caught my attention was the slide even though I am pretty coward on pool slides 😂

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Life Journal: Sunday Getaway at Ultra Winds

Hello! Before I continue blogging my awesome trip in Cebu, I’ll share my chill and fun-filled Sunday getaway with my college buddies at Ultra Winds ❤

Last Sunday, November 13, 2016, I was supposed to finish my shift at 7 in the morning however we got another power interruption that allowed me to prepare earlier for our much awaited outing. Yeah, we’ve been planning to get together since forever. However, life has come to all of us and we just can’t find a schedule that fits for everyone and only 5 of us ended up gathering together, Jason and I and my girls, Pearly, Ate Kams and Kathleen.

Our meeting place was at Jollibee near Xavier University to have breakfast and later on, we grabbed a taxi that gave us a drive all the way to Ultra Winds at an affordable rate. The driver even offered to pick us up after we’re done. Of course, we grabbed the opportunity to avoid hassle of waiting a ride to go back home.

From left to right: Jason, me, Ate Kameko, Kathleen and Pearly

It looks pretty cool, right? Entrance fee for the pool is only 250php with free snacks! That made our day more fun 😂

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Travel Journal: Cebu (Day 2)

Hello! I still got a hangover on the first day of our Cebu trip but this time, I’ll be posting about how we spent our second day.

October 23, 2016, Sunday, I actually have work from 1AM that ends at 7AM. Right after my shift, my uncle, Fr. Bench Balsamo or my Daddy Bench who just finished his first mass, knocked on my door and told me to have breakfast. By then, I introduced Jason to the people from the convent. I don’t know if it’s a talent but Jason really get along with people easier and right away, a trait I know I could never have.

It was Sunday, so naturally Daddy Bench was busy with the schedules of mass he had. But because his first mass was too early, he told us to go on the third mass but he wasn’t the officiated priest of that mass since he was scheduled for a house blessing. But before the mass, Jason and I decided to roam around first at The Mactan Newtown which was located just in front of the parish church.

Welcome to The Mactan Newtown!

It seems like it’s from a foreign country, right? The buildings are awesome and all of them are establishments that could give lots of job opportunities to the Filipinos.

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Travel Journal: Cebu (Day 1)

Hey guys! The trouble I’ve feared from my last post definitely came true. My laptop won’t work anymore but it won’t stop me from blogging the trip I’ve always been waiting for. I am currently using my cellphone’s WordPress app and I edited my photos from my favorite editing app, VSCO 😊

I’ve been longing for this trip for months. When I found out that there’s a promo fare to Cebu on Jason’s birthday, I immediately asked him if he’s okay with it and of course he was since it was both our dream to explore the world on our own plus, it was already their semester break so basically he was free. On the other hand, I could just bring my work wherever I may go as long as there is an internet connection and my laptop was still working at that time, luckily.

So our adventures began…

Both of our parents weren’t able to see us to the airport since they were busy. Jason and I thought it was still okay since it would be a huge step for us to see things for the first time on our own.

He fetched me at home around 10 o’clock in the morning and then we grabbed a taxi to Limketkai Mall where we’ll ride the Magnum Shuttle to the airport. We arrived there around 12NN already and I admit that I was already starving. But we checked in first, have our baggage checked and chose a seat and then finally I had my lunch.

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Life Journal: In a Whim

It’s been a while again. Now I can really say that I am a terrible, terrible blogger. I don’t like it either. Zzzz. My laptop is just very sickly and I am so poor to buy a new one. A lot has happened actually, for the past few months, since my last update was still in August *cries*

Well, based on my title, it really seem like my life has been like a roller coaster. A lot happened, both good and bad but I can say I am still happy and blessed.

I’ve mentioned before that I have two jobs but I stopped for the other one since my boss told me he’d just contact me whenever the business is busy. It was so sudden but I still love it anyway. I spend more time at home and with my parents. I got more time with Jason too. Usually, I go to his school and wait for him there. I’ve even met some of his students and they were really friendly to me.

Jason had his final walk last September 14, 2016 as the Mr. ICI 2015. I just can’t help but go fangirling over him, well generally I am the President of his fan club *lol*. I’ve heard a lot of students behind my back saying he’s so handsome and great, I really can’t stop being proud of him.


Sorry for the very pixelated photo. I am so far from the stage and I am only using my cellphone. The power of zoom!


See, he’s prettier than me!

Stopping on one of my jobs may seem bad but for me, it’s not, at all. I’ve actually spent more time with my friends as well. And I’ve treated my college buddies at Nic’s Pizza Baguettes a week before my birthday. We had fun playing Jenga and their pizza was fantastic!

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