Life Journal: Our 7th Anniversary

“Is he sweet?” It was a question I never thought I could ever hear that’s why I never thought of sugar-coating my answer as I simply said NO.

I’ve always posted about our travels and some food excursions but I never talked about our love story here on my blog. Not even about who he is except for his name. LOL! So, this guy, Jason is the first (and I pray the last) guy I ever dated and yes, I also went to the praning stage where I won’t stop texting him and I get mad whenever he won’t reply and I also get furious whenever his computer games got more attention from him than I. But that was years ago, why? It’s simple, I got tired. Getting tired doesn’t mean I fell out of love but because I got tired being infuriated over petty things that obviously lead to fights. Few years later, we still do fight a lot but it doesn’t get to the point where I’d cry myself to sleep and regret the next day because of my puffy eyes. Ha! Ha! We just fought over where to have lunch or because I get too irritated easily (maybe because I was hungry or PMSing). There are times that he’ll just ignore my rants but there are few moments where he’ll rant in return which would irritate me even more. Oh my, what a crazy muggle am I?

Back to the question if he is sweet, I thought he really isn’t. He’s a funny guy who would laugh at you whenever you miss a step at the stairs before helping you get back up. He doesn’t know how to comfort you whenever you get sad because he’ll just teach you (he’s a teacher BTW) how you should’ve handled things instead of getting more problems by crying. He’s that kind of guy. At first, the inner child within me burst into anger because I feel like he doesn’t care at all but later on, I’ve realized that his way of showing affection is far more different to what I’ve seen on movies and what I’ve read on novels or manga. He’s the best friend who would make you laugh whenever the atmosphere gets gloomy or whenever he just feels like it and he’s the partner who would just pat you at the back and you know you already got some back up whatever battle you’re facing.

Last July 27, we celebrated our 7th year together. Yes, we’ve dated so long already and a lot of people are already asking when we’ll get married. Well honestly, both of us don’t know because we don’t have savings. We don’t have a house, not even a car. We’re just living life like it’s ours. And I don’t know where were headed. But still… we’re living. What a carefree way to say it. But yeah.

We first went to the Bishop’s House near the Saint Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral to visit my uncle who’s a priest as he asked us some errands to do.

We didn’t take our time there for so long as my uncle was having a meeting at that time so we went to SM CDO Downtown Premiere earlier from what we’ve planned so we watched not a love story nor a horror movie but our much awaited favorite, Cars 3. We we’re supposed to watch it on the second screening but because we arrived earlier, we’re able to watch it on the first.

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Travel Journal: Bohol

It’s good to be back! Not that my cell phone has gone mad again for me not to blog but I don’t have anything to write at all. Actually, I am feeling really lucky nowadays. My 2017 is going smoothly so far and I hope it’ll last for a long time. I already bought a laptop for me to work and write easier, jeez finally! If I just really save up, I can come up with something. Same goes for travelling, if I earn enough, I could travel enough and Bohol is the first for this year and this time, I am going with Jason’s family.

We departed via Lite Ferries at 10PM last March 24 and arrived at the Port of Jagna before 5 in the morning of the next day. We didn’t get off the ferry right away since the van which would tour us will arrive at 7.

Witness sunrise inside the ferry.

Someone didn’t get a good sleep with the waves.

Baby-sitting Abby.

We got off at 6 for us to go sight-seeing around the pier first and buy Kalamay, a sticky and sweet delicacy which is famous in Bohol.

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Life Journal: Del Carmen Beach and Swimming Pool

Ola! 2017 has been really very good to me. Even if it’s still the first month of the year, I’m already having lots of fun. Not mentioning my week long of sore throat and asthma, it’s still great!

I’ve been invited by Jason’s family on their outing for his uncle’s birthday and I’m actually really excited since it has been a while since I went to the beach and it’s my first time going to Del Carmen Beach and Swimming Pool as well. Jason always told me that the resort was pretty cool since it has lots of adrenaline rides to offer. I may be a scaredy-cat but once I’m on it already, I get so thrilled and brave so suddenly.

So, the day started after I finished my shift at 7 in the morning. I actually slept at 3AM *ssshh* since it wasn’t the peak hour and day for my work at all. Jason woke me up at 6 and because I was fairly excited, I woke up without hesitation LOL. We went to 7 Eleven first to have breakfast and wait for their van from Lapasan (where his relatives lives) to arrive.

Del Carmen Beach and Swimming Pool was located at Kauswagan, Lagonglong, Misamis Oriental. To be specific, it is five Mulicipalities away from us. However, we arrived at the resort for just a short time considering it’s Sunday with less traffic.

This what welcomed us when we arrived.

There was a slide, an iceberg and more stuffs but what really caught my attention was the slide even though I am pretty coward on pool slides 😂

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Life Journal: A New Year

How’s the first week of your 2017? Mine was definitely great and I pray it’s a good sign for my year to be awesome! 😊

As a tradition, me and my family goes to my grandmother’s house to welcome the new year, same goes to my cousins, aunts and uncles.

As you can see, we’re a huge, wacky, healthy and happy family. However, we’re incomplete that time.

New Year’s Day was also my father’s birthday. It’s so amazing to have everyone celebrate his birthday plus he gets free fireworks from everybody 😂

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Travel Journal: Cebu (Last Days)

You’ll always know your trip is a memorable one once you just can’t get the scenes out of your head. Same goes for me, I just can’t forget my Cebu trip with Jason and 2 months have already passed since it happened.

We didn’t have plans for our 5th day except our dinner treat for Daddy Bench at Lantaw. My mother highly recommended the place as they serve awesome dishes with a view of the sea and the stars as your roof. But before that, me and Jason went back to the Mactan Shrine first to buy souvenirs for our friends.

Nope. He never knew I took a photo of him and by the way, we were wearing the shirt I bought in Oslob.

Daddy Bench was pretty busy with his schedule of mass that day. He actually wanted to bring us on a museum just around Lapu-Lapu but he can’t fit it in his schedule. But it’s okay, we already had so much fun all thanks to him. We thought we should at treat him to dinner just like what I just stated earlier. So we went to Lantaw Floating Restaurant together with my cousin Charlie and his girlfriend after we attended Daddy Bench’s last mass of the day.

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