Otaku Journal: chAngE by Miwa

Hey guys! It’s been a while once again. I’ve been through different stuffs for the past few days, both good and bad but, voila! I’m still here 😛

And since the end of Bleach (manga) is fast approaching *cries* I’ve decided to post my favorite soundtrack from its anime. I don’t know but somehow I love the lyrics and Miwa who performed chAngE.

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Otaku Journal: It’s An Attack on Titans!

I’ve always said that I am an anime otaku. Yes, I really am. However, I admit that nowadays, I only have few moments to watch and read. The latest anime that I have watched was Attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyojin. From the title itself, the story is about defeating titans. From the anime, the whereabouts and story of the titans were still unknown. But one thing is for sure, they attack humans and always try to devour them.

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