Sweetened Our Day at Bingsoo Corner

Anime, Manga and K-Dramas! I can spend all day talking about these with my best-otaku-friends, Desiree and Eli and we’ve been doing it since high school. And last Saturday, August 5, 2017, we had a reunion and spend time on chikas, food trip and window shopping~

We met at my new favorite cafe at SM Downtown Premier, Bingsoo Corner. It is the very first Korean Dessert Cafe in Cagayan de Oro and of course, it is a perfect place for Korean Drama lovers like us. They serve Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings which is popularly called as Patbingsu or Bingsu.


Of course, we had a bunch of selfies and chikas. We talked about the latest Korean Dramas and anime we watched and recent mangas that we read while waiting for our order. Eli’s the one in yellow and the latter is Desiree. As I’ve mentioned, we’ve been friends since high school and the three of us loves anime so much. I remembered, we went to Cogon years ago just to shop for DVDs. Ha! Ha! I really spent a lot just for my addiction, yes.

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Life of a Monster

It’s been a while again. Now I can really say that I am a terrible, terrible blogger. I don’t like it either. Zzzz. My laptop is just very sickly and I am so poor to buy a new one. A lot has happened actually, for the past few months, since my last update was still in August *cries*

Well, based on my title, it really seem like my life has been like a roller coaster. A lot happened, both good and bad but I can say I am still happy and blessed.

I’ve mentioned before that I have two jobs but I stopped for the other one since my boss told me he’d just contact me whenever the business is busy. It was so sudden but I still love it anyway. I spend more time at home and with my parents. I got more time with Jason too. Usually, I go to his school and wait for him there. I’ve even met some of his students and they were really friendly to me.

Jason had his final walk last September 14, 2016 as the Mr. ICI 2015. I just can’t help but go fangirling over him, well generally I am the President of his fan club *lol*. I’ve heard a lot of students behind my back saying he’s so handsome and great, I really can’t stop being proud of him.


Sorry for the very pixelated photo. I am so far from the stage and I am only using my cellphone. The power of zoom!


See, he’s prettier than me!

Stopping on one of my jobs may seem bad but for me, it’s not, at all. I’ve actually spent more time with my friends as well. And I’ve treated my college buddies at Nic’s Pizza Baguettes a week before my birthday. We had fun playing Jenga and their pizza was fantastic!

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Redtail (Shrimps and More)

Have you ever been on a situation where you really love something but that thing couldn’t love you back? But who cares? You just have to love ‘em.

I’m not implying to anyone but to seafood! I am asthmatic, ever since I could remember; I’ve always been out of breath. I even remembered that I’ve celebrated my second birthday at the hospital and even invited a fellow patient next door. But this isn’t about how weak I was since I was a kid but this is about how much I love seafood but it can’t love me back since I am asthmatic and I am allergic to those. Even Jason is allergic because he is also asthmatic. We can’t go to any seafood restaurant alone since we it would take us really long to order and choose what to eat. But I love them! Specifically shrimps and crabs. Urgh!

Last week, I posted about Pearly and I’s food trip at Bad Burgers and when we were there, we decided to have another one at Redtail Shrimps and more since I’ve never tried there and of course, for the love of seafood without thinking of my allergies, going there excites me. It was a good time as well because the LET exam result was just announced and our dear ate Kameko passed and Pearly and I decided that we’d treat ate Kams as a celebration of a wonderful achievement.

We went there last Monday, May 23 after work.

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Gone Bad at Bad Burgers

I love food. Well, who doesn’t?

Jason and I love to try different restaurants and food chains (if we have enough money to spend, LOL). And I’ve read a lot from Facebook and Instagram about this new burger place in town called Bad Burgers. Of course, Jason was so thrilled to try it out since burger is really one of his favorites; specifically large cheese burgers. So we went there last March 18 to try it out.

My burger gone bad. 🍔 #monstersfoodtrip

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I’ve posted this photo on Instagram and Bad Burgers regrammed it on their account. It made me really happy ^^

He ordered Cheesy Bacon Burger and he definitely loved it!

We really wanted to go back there sooner since I want to try their black burger. Plus I like their interior design but I didn’t take a picture of the place, though. But it was really great.


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Bucket O’ Shrimp and More with Fambam

My sister, Ricca have work once again and I guess she’ll love it this time because it is in Dahilayan Nature Park! That place is really cool, like literally. I’ll be going there soon and I’ll make sure to come and visit her. She rarely goes home or shall I say, just on her rest day which falls on a Tuesday but she travels at the end of her Monday shift and arrive at dusk. So last Monday, my whole family, together with my cousin RR went to a marvellous restaurant that my parents just discovered but it was built a couple of years ago already.

My parents said they are so thrilled to bring us there because they serve seafood. Well, I can say that there are a lot of different seafood restaurants already but my parents said that this is special because they are very inexpensive. Okay, so what restaurant am I really talking about? It’s Bucket O’ Shrimp and More which is located at JR Borja Extension in Gusa.

I was just using my phone’s camera so they aren’t really the best photos in the world but you can’t help but drool, I swear.

2015-06-29 09.46

This what welcomed us.

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