Life of a Monster

It’s been a while again. Now I can really say that I am a terrible, terrible blogger. I don’t like it either. Zzzz. My laptop is just very sickly and I am so poor to buy a new one. A lot has happened actually, for the past few months, since my last update was still in August *cries*

Well, based on my title, it really seem like my life has been like a roller coaster. A lot happened, both good and bad but I can say I am still happy and blessed.

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Redtail (Shrimps and More)

Have you ever been on a situation where you really love something but that thing couldn’t love you back? But who cares? You just have to love ‘em.

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Bad Burgers

I love food. Well, who doesn’t?

Jason and I love to try different restaurants and food chains (if we have enough money to spend, LOL). And I’ve read a lot from Facebook and Instagram about this new burger place in town called Bad Burgers. Of course, Jason was so thrilled to try it out since burger is really one of his favorites; specifically large cheese burgers. So we went there last March 18 to try it out.

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Bucket O’ Shrimp and More with Fambam

My sister, Ricca have work once again and I guess she’ll love it this time because it is in Dahilayan Nature Park! That place is really cool, like literally. I’ll be going there soon and I’ll make sure to come and visit her. She rarely goes home or shall I say, just on her rest day which falls on a Tuesday but she travels at the end of her Monday shift and arrive at dusk. So last Monday, my whole family, together with my cousin RR went to a marvellous restaurant that my parents just discovered but it was built a couple of years ago already.

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