Craftiness: In My Room

I guess it is safe to say that finally, I already have my very own room. Before, I am actually sharing with my older sister, Ricca. But now that she already have a room of her own as well, I am already free to decorate and display things which I’m not allowed to display before at all.

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Gotta Go to Paper Towns

John Green’s another masterpiece is just certainly as moving and marvelous as it can be. I just finished the book and I’m just so jealous of how free and cool Margo Roth Spiegelman is. I’m just so amazed how she was able to break in to any amusement parks, go out late at night, travel on her own, and bravely, she can ditch her parents.

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My new beloved

I love reading, everyone who lives near me or with me knows that I don’t sleep without reading anything – whether it is paperback, eBook or even a manga. Yes, I’ve actually read quite a lot of it already, and I can say that I’m a proud otaku. 😀

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Percy Jackson Series: Done But I’m Not Over It

Yesterday, as I was house arrested (joke! I was sick as dead because of my asthma), I can’t go out and have fun at all. Actually, I’ve done nothing the whole weekend. Well, it’s not really pretty pathetic for me since I was able to read and finish a very good book. Yes, I finally finished Blood of Olympus, the last book of Heroes of Olympus which was written by Rick Riordan who also wrote the very famous Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

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John Green’s Novels: All of These are Dreamy Enough

Last year, I’ve always dreamed of reading the books of the very famous author, John Green. I’ve actually posted it on my Tumblr and said that it is one of my wishlist to have on Christmas Day. And I guess, I’m lucky enough to have employers who are indeed, very generous. They actually gave me a set of it on our Christmas Party!

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