Travel Journal: Bohol

It’s good to be back! Not that my cell phone has gone mad again for me not to blog but I don’t have anything to write at all. Actually, I am feeling really lucky nowadays. My 2017 is going smoothly so far and I hope it’ll last for a long time. I already bought a laptop for me to work and write easier, jeez finally! If I just really save up, I can come up with something. Same goes for travelling, if I earn enough, I could travel enough and Bohol is the first for this year and this time, I am going with Jason’s family.

We departed via Lite Ferries at 10PM last March 24 and arrived at the Port of Jagna before 5 in the morning of the next day. We didn’t get off the ferry right away since the van which would tour us will arrive at 7.

Witness sunrise inside the ferry.

Someone didn’t get a good sleep with the waves.

Baby-sitting Abby.

We got off at 6 for us to go sight-seeing around the pier first and buy Kalamay, a sticky and sweet delicacy which is famous in Bohol.

My squad over the weekend.

Luckily, when we got off the ferry, a store selling Kalamay was already open. I bought 5 and gave Jason 2 for him to bring to his office. And then a souvenir shop selling t-shirts, key chains, ref magnets are just right in front of the store. I immediately bought key chains and ref magnets however, Jason can’t choose a t-shirt design to buy so we just skipped on it first. I was pretty sure that we’ll encounter more souvenir shops throughout the tour.

We had a light breakfast with the food we packed while waiting for the van which arrived at seven. Then we immediately went to our first stop which was the famous Chocolate Hills.

The distance of the Port of Jagna to the Chocolate Hills Monument was roughly more or less 50 kilometres and we reached the hills for about an hour. There are at least over a thousand hills around which was covered in green and sometimes brown during the dry season.

When we reached the monument, a long and sturdy stairs was waiting for us to climb up and have a better view of the hills, it was long enough just like in Taoist Temple and I lost count. Haha!

“When Bae is not looking”

Jason and his mother.

Jason, his sister and I had a short detour on our way down and discovered locals praying to Mother Mary and I also fell in love with the yellow plant I saw.

After the Chocolate Hills, our next stop was the beautiful butterfly garden of Bohol or the Habitat Butterflies Conservation Centre. I really had fun at the Habitat as the tour guide was very humorous and had lots of ideas to entertain us.

There are certainly lots of pretty butterflies and moths preserved there and they aren’t ordinary at all as they were huge.

At times like these, I really wish I could have a better camera. I can’t capture the butterflies that would give justice to their beauty but anyway the garden is really such a lovely place.

This isn’t a real butterfly. Haha!

As the tour goes, the guide let us hold a caterpillar and even if it’s still a caterpillar, it’s already beautiful as it has blue spots all over its body.

Excuse my fat hand.

The real fun starts when we reached the main garden. There are different frames of preserved butterflies displayed that would allow us to have the wings of the butterflies. It would be best explained with the photos below:

This is my personal favourite.

And I love this part as if we’re in Alfheim Online of SAO.

The place also have beautiful benches and cottages that’ll help the visitors relax throughout the tour. And thanks to my personal photographer (Jason), he played with the lights and his model. Haha!

I found another pretty flower on our way out and the tour guide said that this certain flower was very sweet for the butterflies.

The tour guide was also very proud of this tree as he said, it looks like fireworks.

Finally, when we’re back in the lobby, I found another souvenir shop but I didn’t dared to buy there since their souvenirs are expensive. Plus, they also offered natural fruit ice cream but I also didn’t dared to buy as I am not very confident with my stomach. Haha!

After that fun and lovely tour at the Habitat Butterfly Conservation Centre, we went to the Tarsier Conservation Area where we had a chance to encounter one of the smallest primates on earth which was the tarsiers. It was a little bit hard to capture a photo of them as they were so small and we aren’t allowed to go near them. Jeez, I really wish I have a better camera with better lenses.

Do I look like one of them now?

Here’s one of the tarsier I was talking about, it’s kind of creepy but cute at the same time.

They also had a souvenir shop but they sell the items twice the price!

We didn’t get a chance to have a decent photo here (just this one) as many tourists are also coming in and out here.

As for our next stop, I never thought that I’d love the place but to defy my expectations I had so much fun at the Man-Made Forest.

The fun starts here, when we stand at the middle of the road.


But in reality, we should watch out for the vehicles!

We went to the Two Bamboo Hanging Bridge next. I hadn’t brought my phone because I was scared I might drop it. Haha! And yes, even Jason was scared. It was high but not really high enough and it’s still scary. The handle bars was also very hot that it’s hard to grab on it for support. Sheila, Jason’s sister even caught a photo of Jason holding my shirt. Haha!

But still, I held the bar really tight, falling was scarier than having my hands burnt (for me). And at the end of the bridge, I found the best souvenir shops of the trip as they sell almost half the price of the shops we’ve been. I bought shirts for Jason and I and they’re glowing in the dark.

Souvenir shopping will always be my favourite part on every trip as it makes me feel accomplished buying stuffs for my family and friends back home. After that, we’re off for our lunch at the famous Loboc River Cruise or the floating restaurant of Bohol. We had to wait for a couple of minutes as the place was full-packed with visitors, tourists and foreigners. I’ve heard about this place some time ago as my dad visited Bohol a few years back and tried the cruise. He said the food was great and so is our scenery.

Off we go!

This is an example of a floating restaurant.

The staffs gave us post cards as our ticket.

It was a buffet-style kind of lunch and we can get stuffed as much as our stomachs could handle. They had seafood, fruits, vegetables and more served on the buffet plus I was in awe with the lovely and green scenery.

Encountered another floating restaurant along the way.

And also a little water fall.

We made a short stop on a hut where locals presented a dance and song to entertain us.

They also sell colourful ukuleles.

On our way back, we saw more floating restaurants.

Smiling faces of the “fulls”.

When were full and satisfied with our lunch, we had a short side trip at the Baclayon Church which was also known as La Purisima Concepcion de la Virgen Maria Parish Church. However, last October 15, 2013, Bohol was struck with a large earthquake that caused massive damages on centuries-old churches including the Baclayon Church. There, we witness the pre-restoration works on-going.

Next, we went to the Python and Wildlife Park where the world’s largest and preserved python was taken care of. The name of the snake was Prony, however, Prony died 3 years ago. But, the owner still preserved its body and its bones. Now, they are taking care of Prony 2 which isn’t as large and as heavy like Prony but it’s still scary.

Marimar, the tour guide diva~!

Prony 2.

The preserved body of Prony.

We are almost done on our Bohol trip. Isn’t it amazing? In just one day, we already went to different kind of places and viewed the wonders of our own country. As for our last stop, I was definitely in love with the Hinagdanan Cave which had a deep lagoon and we were very tempted to dive in.

We also had a funny tour guide when we entered the cave and he took photos of us from Kuya Dondon’s cell phone (Jason’s cousin).

We took a dip for just about thirty-minutes since the driver only had a limited time with us. Afterwards, we finally went to Constrell Pension House where we’ll stay for the night. I had a shower and changed with the glow-in-the-dark shirt I bought at the end of the bamboo bridge but I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of me wearing it since Jason and I were too tired and our batteries had ran out. We just had our dinner at a McDonald’s branch from a mall nearby and then had a good rest back at the pension house.

The next day, we rode a fast craft called the Ocean Jet for us to go to Cebu. It’s just a two-hour ride from Cebu and we arrived at around eight in the morning.

A van was waiting for us at the Pier of Cebu all thanks to Vanessa’s relative and our first stop for the day was the Miraculous Shrine of Simala in Sibonga where Jason and I visited last October for his birthday but first we made a drive-thru at Jollibee for our breakfast and ate it along the way. I didn’t took any photo this time as I didn’t get a chance at all since it was Sunday, there’s a mass and the place was too crowded and we didn’t stayed long there either, we just offered our prayers and thank the Lord and Mother Mary for the safe and happy trip we had. Later on, we had lunch at a carenderia nearby which served a very rare bisaya chicken. Not for long, we we’re off to go at a Shamrock branch which sells otap and other delicacies from Cebu.

Jason’s family were busy shopping stuffs but I just bought masareal and barquillon as they were my father’s favourites. I really wished we’d go back at the Temple of Leah however, the driver insisted that we’d be late for our trip back home in the evening if we do so, so instead, we went to Sto. Niño Church and Magellan’s Cross.

A mass was going on.

Lastly, we went to SM City Cebu to wait for our departure time to Cagayan de Oro. Jason and I got time to go window shopping on our own (we’re broke already) and we went to Blue Magic where he got Kiiro for me and I really wish I still have enough cash with me because I want to give something to Abby. Next time, maybe.

I’m sure my sister will love this.

We had our dinner at the food court earlier than usual for us not to be late to board the ship. We rode the same vessel that Jason and I had back in October.

That’s it! It was one of the longest weekend I ever had and of course it was one of the most memorable one. I wish I could have my own family travel Bohol as well and if we do visit the place, I wish we could go to Panglao Island or the Bohol Bee Farm. Next time, for sure!


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    • Naa pud real gurl, naa ra sa atbang. Kato si Prony2, kaso wala ko nagpa picture kay scary. Haha! Tapos naa pud albino na snake na pwede pa picture na kargahon, gusto unta ko kung naa lang koy kauban. Haha 😂


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