Life Journal: Del Carmen Beach and Swimming Pool

Ola! 2017 has been really very good to me. Even if it’s still the first month of the year, I’m already having lots of fun. Not mentioning my week long of sore throat and asthma, it’s still great!

I’ve been invited by Jason’s family on their outing for his uncle’s birthday and I’m actually really excited since it has been a while since I went to the beach and it’s my first time going to Del Carmen Beach and Swimming Pool as well. Jason always told me that the resort was pretty cool since it has lots of adrenaline rides to offer. I may be a scaredy-cat but once I’m on it already, I get so thrilled and brave so suddenly.

So, the day started after I finished my shift at 7 in the morning. I actually slept at 3AM *ssshh* since it wasn’t the peak hour and day for my work at all. Jason woke me up at 6 and because I was fairly excited, I woke up without hesitation LOL. We went to 7 Eleven first to have breakfast and wait for their van from Lapasan (where his relatives lives) to arrive.

Del Carmen Beach and Swimming Pool was located at Kauswagan, Lagonglong, Misamis Oriental. To be specific, it is five Mulicipalities away from us. However, we arrived at the resort for just a short time considering it’s Sunday with less traffic.

This what welcomed us when we arrived.

There was a slide, an iceberg and more stuffs but what really caught my attention was the slide even though I am pretty coward on pool slides 😂

Our waterproof wristbands.

Even though the sand was not pretty white that you expect on beautiful beaches, I can say that I wasn’t disappointed at all since the place was really clean. Later on, I asked Jason for us to change on our rash guards after we settled our things down at our cottage. Why waste time, right? 😉

Top: Me, Jason and Kuya Dondon
Bottom: Sheila, Vanessa and John Paul

Let’s go to the beach-each!

Little Johssen, John Paul and Vanessa’s daughter

Ta-da! The pretty little girl is Abby, my godchild and Jason’s niece from his cousin ate Joan and she’s with Jason’s father. But by the time we got into the water, his father asked us to watch out for the kids without thinking that both of us are lame baby sitters 😱

See?! 😵😂

But by the time his father came back we got off right away and transferred to the pool.

They had two pools, one for the adults with 5.5 feet and one 3 feet for the kids.

We got back to our cottage to eat after having a cool dip on the pool. And by the time we’re ready, we decided to try the Aqua Park that costs Php150 per person. Yay! I got so excited because finally, I’ll get a chance to try the slide!

While waiting for our turn

We had to use a life vest to avoid accident.

Yay! Here we go!

The first we tried was the Rockit Sheila almost got on top of it but we decided to go to the next one (which was the slide!) for us not to waste time.

I’ll upload the video of our slide soon when I get a chance to connect on a better internet service because I’m just using a limited data at the moment. And yes! That slide was really great!

Next was the Iceberg and only Jason and Sheila succeeded to get on top of it.

We didn’t get a chance to try the next one since our guide didn’t help us out on it. Unlike the previous group who had a guide on what to do with it but anyway we just tried the one right after it which was the Aquaglide that looks like a trampoline and we also had a video of it as well. We were crazy! 😂

Can’t contain my happiness! I’m on the walkway to the Aquaglide.

Next was the Aviva which looked like a see-saw.

After trying it out, we swam to the floating cottage near us to have some rest and then we decided to go back to Rockit to try it once again but our time was up already so we just went back to our cottage. But when we got back, Jason’s ate Joan and tito offered to treat us to the Banana Boat! Woah! Didn’t expected that. Haha!

The Banana Boat wasn’t expensive at all. It only costs Php600 which was good for 5 persons and total adrenaline! I’ll also upload our video of it when I get a chance.

The aftermath.

We can’t move our arms and legs right away that time then we decided to cool off by the pool. Everything was so worth the try!

Johssen met a friend.

We decided to change clothes when it was getting late already. We already had a great time after all and then I had a little photo session with Jason 😊

Our cottage.

As far as I could remember, we slept on our entire ride home. I wish I could also take my family there. Someday, I will 😊


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