Life Journal: A New Year

How’s the first week of your 2017? Mine was definitely great and I pray it’s a good sign for my year to be awesome! 😊

As a tradition, me and my family goes to my grandmother’s house to welcome the new year, same goes to my cousins, aunts and uncles.

As you can see, we’re a huge, wacky, healthy and happy family. However, we’re incomplete that time.

New Year’s Day was also my father’s birthday. It’s so amazing to have everyone celebrate his birthday plus he gets free fireworks from everybody πŸ˜‚

When the clock strikes at 12MN, saying that it’s already the New Year, we start our party by watching the neighbor’s fireworks (why would we buy if everyone got their display already πŸ˜‚) and then a prayer for our first meal of the year. We also have our games and we exchange gifts later on. Usually, families exchange gifts on Christmas Day, but we can’t get together during Christmas that’s why we had it every New Year’s Day.

I got a t-shirt from the one who got my name who was Mitch, my grandmother’s household helper. I love it since it was yellow πŸ’›

I also got different gifts my aunts, uncles, cousins, parents and sisters. It’s always the happiest time of the year after all.

Me and my family went to church later that day, to thank the Lord for the great and fruitful 2016 and of course, to thank for the life of my beloved father. And later on, we had dinner at Candy’s CafΓ©.

Relationship Goals πŸ’•

#OOTD; bag from my good friend, Tazee

On the second day of the year, we had a general cleaning at home and transferred our stuffs to our respective rooms (I just got my own room after 24 years, LOL). And then in the evening, Jason and I had our first date of the year at Tagoloan Plaza. I’ve always wanted to come to the plaza ever since I found out their wonderful Christmas Tree.

On the fourth day, Ate Kams, Kathleen, Pearly and I gathered again to exchange gifts and have an early celebration for Pearly’s 24th birthday. We had our dinner at Ribs and Bibs and I love their ribs!

Oh I will πŸ˜‰

Ribs and Bibs’ menu

The celebrant

After dinner, we exchanged gifts and I received a lamp shade from ate Kameko and it’s perfect since I spend my night reading a book before I go to sleep.

Yesterday, January 6, me and Jason went to our first movie date of the year. But first we had our dinner at David’s Tea House. The meal was quite expensive but I love their setting and the food was exquisite.

We watched Assassin’s Creed on a last full show and I wish I could watch a lot of movies this year. That’s it for now, see you to the rest of my 2017!


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