Travel Journal: Cebu (Last Days)

You’ll always know your trip is a memorable one once you just can’t get the scenes out of your head. Same goes for me, I just can’t forget my Cebu trip with Jason and 2 months have already passed since it happened.

We didn’t have plans for our 5th day except our dinner treat for Daddy Bench at Lantaw. My mother highly recommended the place as they serve awesome dishes with a view of the sea and the stars as your roof. But before that, me and Jason went back to the Mactan Shrine first to buy souvenirs for our friends.

Nope. He never knew I took a photo of him and by the way, we were wearing the shirt I bought in Oslob.

Daddy Bench was pretty busy with his schedule of mass that day. He actually wanted to bring us on a museum just around Lapu-Lapu but he can’t fit it in his schedule. But it’s okay, we already had so much fun all thanks to him. We thought we should at treat him to dinner just like what I just stated earlier. So we went to Lantaw Floating Restaurant together with my cousin Charlie and his girlfriend after we attended Daddy Bench’s last mass of the day.

That night I realized, I should’ve bought a good camera that could take better photos even during night time. These photos I took using my cellphone’s camera didn’t gave justice to the place at all. The place was really cool and romantic. When we arrived, the sky was filled with stars however the clouds started to gather a little later.

Their decors and stuffs are pretty awesome. They use old jars with candles inside as lamps. As for their glass, they used (or reused) mayo jars and it looked really cute.

From left to right: Jessel (my cousin’s girlfriend), Charlie (my cousin) and Uncle Solomon.

We’re forever grateful to him.

Dinner time! We ordered a lot and they’re all worth every penny!

I was really, really full. That dinner was one of the best I ever had. Not mentioning the rain that suddenly poured on us but still, the staffs were very accommodating and transferred us immediately. If I’ll be given a chance, of course I’d come back!

The next day will be the day I never thought would happen. Jk! I felt really anxious to leave Cebu but still, I know I have to focus on my work and Jason also can’t leave his students behind. We’ll travel by the sea this time and I was also excited since it was another first for Jason and I to be together on a ship. But before we departed, Daddy Bench took us to a tour at Robinsons Galleria Cebu first. The new mall was really huge and only a few people were there that time plus it was just a few blocks away from the pier so it’s not a hassle at all.

The place was beautiful and Daddy Bench took a lot of photos of us. Yes, he volunteered himself and that made my separation anxiety to the place and to him even worse 😢

Hello Mr. Potts! Hahaha 😂

One of the best mirror selfie I ever had 👍

We wished to try Movieworld and watch Doctor Strange but we didn’t had much time.

The mall actually had a huge garden I wanted to take a lot of photos there myself but Daddy Bench was the one who was holding my cellphone the whole time. Haha!

We had snacks at Jollibee afterwards and then Uncle Solomon gave us a ride to the pier. Jason was a little nervous when we’re already all by ourselves. He said it’s been so long since the last time he’s on a ship plus there’s just the two of us. But there fellas, that ends our trip and I wonder when we could do it again by ourselves. I am so lame of a travel buddy, I’ve never been with my friend Pearly and with her trips. I wish someday I can, minus my life dramas and responsibilities.


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