Travel Journal: Cebu (Day 4)

It was the day I’ve always been waiting for ever since we arrived at Cebu. It was never on our itinerary since I know it would be a long ride and maybe it would cost much. But luckily, Daddy Bench gladly offered. To spill the beans, what I’m talking about is our trip to Oslob where the place was famous to tourists because of the whale shark watching which the locals were proud of.

We were supposed to depart at 5 in the morning however, Daddy Bench had a mass so we end up leaving the convent around 8AM.

The one who’s really excited was Jason because it was one of his dream to visit the place (aside munching burgers at Burger King lol 😂). When I told him about Daddy Bench’s offer, I wished I had my phone on my hand to take a photo of his face full of delight.

I knew that whale shark watching ends by noon and when my watch said it was already 10:30 and we’re still a few miles away, I started to panic but still we managed to arrive at 11 and started to change and attend their briefing right away.

We were told about the rules to follow during the briefing for us to avoid harming the whale sharks and viewing will only last for 30 minutes and this would costs 500php.

Here we go!

We were with Kim

A shark passed!

When we reached to the viewing point, Jason went off the boat right away and grabbed the GoPro.

The shark was a little to far but we got a better photo later on.

Kim’s a little bit scared, I guess. But he sure had fun watching the whales.

It’s beautiful isn’t it? And this time, we were so close!

These were the bankeros who were feeding the whales.

Jason really got soooo close 😍

And suddenly there were two right in front of us!

I thought 30 minutes isn’t sufficient. But to my surprise, we already had so much fun!

We showered and changed clothes the moment we got back and I was in a hurry for me to check on the souvenir shop I found when we arrived. I bought two shirts with a shark design, one for me and one for Jason. I also bought a huge shark hanging decor for me to display at home, 3 shark magnets and 6 shark key chains. When Jason saw the things I bought he was really disappointed and thought he shouldn’t have showered for too long. But nah, he really takes time showering than me as always 😂 That’s why I bought a lot and gave him some of my magnets and key chains.

It was already 12NN and we decided to have our lunch inside the car. We actually brought lots of baon which was prepared by the kitchen staff at the convent. There were shrimps, pork chop and fried chicken and the thought of it made me hungry now 😊

After another hour, we reached the Simala Parish Church at Sibonga. I actually had a chance to visit the church as well last summer of 2015 together with my family and cousins and this time I am with Jason and I really thanked the Lord and Mama Mary for the blissful life with him.

The place is beautiful, isn’t it? And even if it’s already my second visit, I was still left in awe. I am really grateful that I came to Cebu and I will definitely go back to this church whenever I can. That ends our fourth day in Cebu!


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