Travel Journal: Cebu (Day 3 at The Taoist Temple)

The Temple of Leah was definitely a worthy place to visit and as a continuation of our third day in Cebu, we were supposed to go to the Sirao Flower Farm however, as I’ve said on my previous post, it was already starting to rain so we decided to have lunch at JY Square Mall first. But after lunch, my Daddy Bench said that the road to Sirao might be a little muddy due to the rain so we went to the Taoist Temple instead. It’s not a bad idea either because I know this place was lovely as well.

It was actually my second time at the Taoist Temple since I went there with my fellow IT Students for a field trip when I was still in college.

Here we go!

This tall gate welcomed us but we’re still a few steps away from the Temple. I guess, few was a little bit an understatement because the truth is, we still had to face their staircase which I forgot to count, I was actually catching my breath 😂 But when we reached the Temple, I thought that staircase was worth it since every structure was breathtakingly beautiful.

Mulan’s best friend 🐉

Daddy Bench allowed us to explore on our own since he was also catching his breath when we arrived at the temple 😂

Great Wall of China Replica

These solo pictures of him are really funny. As I was roaming around on my own, Daddy Bench told him to pose. That’s why he’s so awkward here 😂

Love this view, it’s as if I’m in China! 👲

I really thank my Daddy Bench for this wonderful experience, because of him, we were able to explore the beauty of Cebu!

After our little China trip, Daddy Bench thought he wanted some massage and relax for a while. So we went to SM Cebu and it was also a great time for us to go shopping! Well, not really. I’m incredibly broke at the moment and have to be very mindful what to buy. We just roamed around the mall and we ended up at Blue Magic, a stuff toy store which Cagayan de Oro don’t have. And as I was busy looking for some cute souvenirs for my sisters, Jason was also busy looking what to give me. To think, this trip was supposed to celebrate his birthday but he’s the one who’s buying me a present.

We named him Kiiro 💛

SM Cebu was definitely a huge mall, if I’d go shopping on my own, I’d definitely end up asking security guards for direction because I really have a terrible sense of direction. LOL~

We had dinner at Pizza Hut afterwards 

It was already night when we got back at the convent and we saw the Mactan Newtown’s lights made the place more beautiful at night. We asked Daddy Bench to go there for a while and of course, he allowed us.

The church’s lights completed our night ♡

I actually can’t wait to post for our Day 4 in Cebu because it was the place I never thought I could visit. Stay tuned for it!


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