Travel Journal: Cebu (Day 2)

Hello! I still got a hangover on the first day of our Cebu trip but this time, I’ll be posting about how we spent our second day.

October 23, 2016, Sunday, I actually have work from 1AM that ends at 7AM. Right after my shift, my uncle, Fr. Bench Balsamo or my Daddy Bench who just finished his first mass, knocked on my door and told me to have breakfast. By then, I introduced Jason to the people from the convent. I don’t know if it’s a talent but Jason really get along with people easier and right away, a trait I know I could never have.

It was Sunday, so naturally Daddy Bench was busy with the schedules of mass he had. But because his first mass was too early, he told us to go on the third mass but he wasn’t the officiated priest of that mass since he was scheduled for a house blessing. But before the mass, Jason and I decided to roam around first at The Mactan Newtown which was located just in front of the parish church.

Welcome to The Mactan Newtown!

It seems like it’s from a foreign country, right? The buildings are awesome and all of them are establishments that could give lots of job opportunities to the Filipinos.

He got the spotlight again.

Of course, me as well! 😂

We got back just in time for the mass and it was definitely a wonderful opportunity for me to give thanks for having me and Jason a chance to travel in Cebu.

For this day, we are supposed to go to Dave’s place (he’s my dad’s cousin who was also my classmate in high school until college) as he’ll tour us around the city. However, because of the changes I mentioned on my previous post, he ended up visiting us at the convent. We had a lot of chit-chat about his life in Cebu and I’ve seen that he already matured compared to me. LOL everyone’s growing up 😂

As our conversations go on, we decided to go back to The Mactan Newtown to have some ice cream 🍦

Yep! I can’t hide my fats here 🐷

Afterwards, my Daddy Bench asked his driver to drive us to The Mactan Shrine. It is the place where the battle between Lapu-Lapu and Magellan occurred.

Here’s what was written on the photo:

Here on 27 April 1521, Lapu-Lapu and his men repulsed the Spanish invaders, killing their leader, Ferdinand Magellan. Thus Lapu-Lapu became the first Filipino to have repelled European aggression.

Amazing, isn’t it? Cebu is definitely a place with rich history and it’s a beautiful one as well!

Turista! 😂😂😂

The statue of Lapu-Lapu

Are you picking a fight with him??

We had picnic and ate snacks that Daddy Bench prepared for us too, it’s a wonderful afternoon after all 😊

That man standing is Dave and the guy in blue and white is Kim, Daddy Bench’s close friend

When we saw that the sun is already setting, we decided to go back since Daddy Bench might be looking for us already. Also, Dave wanted to go home already as he said his girlfriend just came back from Bohol (a place I am dying to go as well) however, Daddy Bench stopped him to have dinner first and we’re going out to see a movie! Dave was a bit hesitant but in the end, we had his girlfriend, Yorie come with us and we watched Jack Reacher at SM City Cebu. We actually wanted to try the IMAX however, there’s no movie showing for it yet.



That’s a busy day, right? And it was fun, too!


2 thoughts on “Travel Journal: Cebu (Day 2)

    • Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes, we did tried the Mactan Newtown Alfresco. Me and my boyfriend went there strolling the night we came home from Temple of Leah. I love The Mactan Newtown afterall. It’s just across from where we stayed at. Have you visited the Mactan Parish Church as well? The one with the shape of Magellan’s hat?


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