Travel Journal: Cebu (Day 1)

Hey guys! The trouble I’ve feared from my last post definitely came true. My laptop won’t work anymore but it won’t stop me from blogging the trip I’ve always been waiting for. I am currently using my cellphone’s WordPress app and I edited my photos from my favorite editing app, VSCO 😊

I’ve been longing for this trip for months. When I found out that there’s a promo fare to Cebu on Jason’s birthday, I immediately asked him if he’s okay with it and of course he was since it was both our dream to explore the world on our own plus, it was already their semester break so basically he was free. On the other hand, I could just bring my work wherever I may go as long as there is an internet connection and my laptop was still working at that time, luckily.

So our adventures began…

Both of our parents weren’t able to see us to the airport since they were busy. Jason and I thought it was still okay since it would be a huge step for us to see things for the first time on our own.

He fetched me at home around 10 o’clock in the morning and then we grabbed a taxi to Limketkai Mall where we’ll ride the Magnum Shuttle to the airport. We arrived there around 12NN already and I admit that I was already starving. But we checked in first, have our baggage checked and chose a seat and then finally I had my lunch.

I thought there’s a Jollibee branch inside the Laguindingan International Airport, well there should be for kuripot people like me. So we ended up dining in at Kenny Rogers which was also the first time for the both of us.

This is my view while Jason was ordering my much awaited lunch πŸ—

Thank you birthday boy! 😘

Our flight was still at 2:45 in the afternoon and yes we were early. It was better to be safe than sorry, right?

The waiting game πŸ˜—

He always have the pretty photos, does this mean he’s pretty or I’m a good photographer? πŸ˜‰

Keep calm. We’re already inside the plane!!! 😱

The fact that it’s my fourth time to ride an airplane and be seated with the wing as my view is amazing and I really love the blue sky and the fluffy cotton candy clouds ☁

When we arrived to the Mactan International Airport, we really don’t know what we should do. My uncle still have a hectic schedule for the day but it was okay since we thought it would be a good chance to roam around Cebu on our own. We decided to go to the SM Seaside City and my uncle called me and said we could ride a bus from the airport called My Bus that could take us to SM City Cebu where we’ll ride another bus directly to SM Seaside City.

We were actually standing the entire ride and I thought it great to experience it. It was as if I am doing what I’ve always seen on the animes I love πŸ˜‚

I’m also adding this photo since I thought I captured it well πŸ˜‚

I got so overwhelmed with how enormous the mall was. If I am not with Jason, I am pretty sure I would get lost right away.Β 

Luckily, he was very composed and was a complete opposite of me. If not, both of us will be stuck in one place without doing anything. We had our luggage deposited first on the nearest baggage counter we could find which was inside the Supermarket.

Last summer, my relatives went here as well and they had a photo of a huge cube which I thought was the symbol of the mall and was one of the main attractions at the same time. Jason and I started to look for it first for a start. However, the mall was really huge that we couldn’t find it on our own that’s why we ended up asking the information booth. And it was actually on the opposite side from where we were. It was a long walk but I can say it was worth it!

After our little photo shoot by the cube, we felt hungry and decided to eat at a fast food restaurant that Jason always wanted to try which can’t be found in CDO. It is actually one of our reasons why we went here as well 😁

Burger King! πŸ”

He looked so happy while eating 😍

We were so full however, I wished I had more. I wonder when we could eat there again. I wish a branch would open here in CDO anyway.

After our dinner, we looked for a ticketing booth for us to buy a ticket back home that would be dated on October 27, 2016. We will ride by boat since we expected that we’ll go shopping some stuffs and would carry a lot of weights which would not suffice if we go home by air. Afterwards, we just roamed around the mall. I actually wanted to try ice skating however it was already getting late so we skipped to that and enjoyed the place.

Near the ice skating rink, we went to the Sky Park where most of the people were found. Children are having most of the fun here and I wonder if the adults could try it too πŸ˜‰

The city lights πŸŒƒ

The entire place was so bright and everyone was so cheerful. It was such a happy day for Jason’s birthday and before we go home, I looked for a birthday cake for him and a candle to blow for another blessed year 😊

Going home wasn’t that hard either. One of my uncle’s convent boys (yes, my uncle is a priest) is my friend in Facebook and I keep on asking him what to ride to go the church/convent where we’ll stay.

We ride another My Bus which will lead us to Parkmall and then a multi-cab which will bring us directly to the church. Easy, right? We were warmly welcomed by my uncle when we got there and he made sure that we’re comfortable enough for on our stay. He actually asked us for our plans and improvised it so he could go as well. Of course we agreed since it would mean we’ll have free transportation! 😊 Plus, he told us that he would bring us to a place we’ve always wished to go but we believed that we couldn’t and I am so thrilled to share it on my next blog posts! 😊


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