Life Journal: In a Whim

It’s been a while again. Now I can really say that I am a terrible, terrible blogger. I don’t like it either. Zzzz. My laptop is just very sickly and I am so poor to buy a new one. A lot has happened actually, for the past few months, since my last update was still in August *cries*

Well, based on my title, it really seem like my life has been like a roller coaster. A lot happened, both good and bad but I can say I am still happy and blessed.

I’ve mentioned before that I have two jobs but I stopped for the other one since my boss told me he’d just contact me whenever the business is busy. It was so sudden but I still love it anyway. I spend more time at home and with my parents. I got more time with Jason too. Usually, I go to his school and wait for him there. I’ve even met some of his students and they were really friendly to me.

Jason had his final walk last September 14, 2016 as the Mr. ICI 2015. I just can’t help but go fangirling over him, well generally I am the President of his fan club *lol*. I’ve heard a lot of students behind my back saying he’s so handsome and great, I really can’t stop being proud of him.


Sorry for the very pixelated photo. I am so far from the stage and I am only using my cellphone. The power of zoom!


See, he’s prettier than me!

Stopping on one of my jobs may seem bad but for me, it’s not, at all. I’ve actually spent more time with my friends as well. And I’ve treated my college buddies at Nic’s Pizza Baguettes a week before my birthday. We had fun playing Jenga and their pizza was fantastic!

Credits to:

Last September 18, 2016, Jason’s family and I also went to their hut and farm. The place is just so wonderful. Everything is green and the temperature is so cool. We had a boodle fight over the table and I really love the way their family cooks. The only problem is there’s no satellite signal at all. I brought my pocket WiFi for me to work but it was useless because I couldn’t connect at all. It was a fine day still, I love spending time with his family since they are very welcoming.

Meet tito Jason and baby Abby 🙂

Two days after our bukid trip, was my birthday. I didn’t expect something great for that day since I know my family is on a tight budget at the moment and Jason’s pretty busy at school. But instead, he called the day off and we were supposed to go to High Ridge but it was still very early so we went to my favorite burger place instead, Bad Burgers.

Later that evening, I bought dinner for my family and we actually ate outside the house since it’s very messy because we are having a reconstruction. That made my day, and yes I am already 24 years old! Hahaha!

Few days after my birthday, I also met with my CardMasters friends and I’ve treated them at Nic’s as well. And then a week after my birthday, I went out to see my main squad, TJSMILED and we had a fantastic pizza party at Pizza Republic. It sounds nice right? It sounds like I have a lot of friends but they’re the only ones actually. But I know that they are all real.

On October 22, 2016, will be Jason’s birthday and I’ve bought plane tickets to Cebu. It’ll be the first trip that we’ll be alone together. But we’re staying at my uncle’s place anyway 😉 I really wish I could update my blog by that time since we’ve planned so many places to visit. Wish me luck!



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