Food Journal: Redtail (Shrimps and More)

Have you ever been on a situation where you really love something but that thing couldn’t love you back? But who cares? You just have to love ‘em.

I’m not implying to anyone but to seafood! I am asthmatic, ever since I could remember; I’ve always been out of breath. I even remembered that I’ve celebrated my second birthday at the hospital and even invited a fellow patient next door. But this isn’t about how weak I was since I was a kid but this is about how much I love seafood but it can’t love me back since I am asthmatic and I am allergic to those. Even Jason is allergic because he is also asthmatic. We can’t go to any seafood restaurant alone since we it would take us really long to order and choose what to eat. But I love them! Specifically shrimps and crabs. Urgh!

Last week, I posted about Pearly and I’s food trip at Bad Burgers and when we were there, we decided to have another one at Redtail Shrimps and more since I’ve never tried there and of course, for the love of seafood without thinking of my allergies, going there excites me. It was a good time as well because the LET exam result was just announced and our dear ate Kameko passed and Pearly and I decided that we’d treat ate Kams as a celebration of a wonderful achievement.

We went there last Monday, May 23 after work.

The LET Passer ❤

We ordered the Fisherman’s Catch which consists of shells, crabs, squid and shrimps. To tell you the truth, I want to have more of their regular serving since it was very delicious!


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