Smartest Monster ❤

I already miss Camiguin. I miss the beautiful sunset, the beach, and the cool and salty sea. But what excites me to go back home was to witness Jason’s Valedictory Speech on his graduation day. He really nailed it. Well, I always believed that he’s a very smart person and I know that he could graduate with flying colors and he really did! Even though it was just a few points from the Salutatorian who was his close friend, still he did great and I am so proud of him.

When we were still classmates on a different university, he wasn’t inspired to go to school at all. It was different when he enrolled at Iligan Computer Institute – Cagayan de Oro Branch. He started to go to school diligently, he doesn’t want to miss a day at school but there are times that he’s still late anyway. Haha! But still, he made it and was on top of it. And now, he’s already an instructor of his school and I believe he’s enjoying what he’s doing at the moment.

I’m so proud of you Shu-sama! ❤


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