Travel Journal: Camiguin Island (Part 2)

When it comes to beaches, never miss out Camiguin. We had to wake up so early on the second day of our trip since we are going to the famous White Island of Camiguin! We didn’t even have breakfast yet but it was okay since if we go there later than 7AM the sun’s so up already. Well, that’s their reason. Haha!

Port to White Island

Here we go!

Catching up with the sunrise

See that little island over there? There are no trees, just pure white sand. We stayed there for just one and a half hour but we already had so much fun.

We left the White Island of Camiguin at exactly 7:30 in the morning. I don’t feel like leaving yet however I was already hungry so it’s okay. Haha! We went back to our inn and had our breakfast there since it was part of the package. We had corned beef and egg plus we had an orange juice for our beverage. We didn’t take photo at that time since we are very hungry already! 😀

Our next stop would be the Mantigue Island Nature Park. It’s a very small island, just across Camiguin and we had to ride with a small boat as well to get there just like what we did when we went to the White Island.

We had our lunch here in this beautiful nature park and we were served with lots of foods courtesy of my dad and his workmates. After lunch, I didn’t feel like going swimming or take pictures at all since it was very hot. We were there at noon and the sun was too high, well duh. I actually fell asleep haha! But I couldn’t take it anymore and I was attacked by asthma. I decided to go swimming and maybe it would cool me down and I thought that I should’ve done it from the first place. LOL!

I felt all better already and we’re off to our next stop. It was a long ride actually since there’s a spot where my dad’s workmate wanted to visit but it was closed so it was then decided for us to go to Soda Water Park. They said that it really tastes like soda but I didn’t tried to taste it though, haha!

With all that, we went to the famous Ardent Hot Spring in the evening and had our dinner there. I didn’t have many photos there though.

People say that they could tour Camiguin in just one day but I think not since there’s a lot more in Camiguin and they’re all beautiful!


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