Travel Journal: Camiguin Island (Part 1)

This may sound crazy but this blog post is a little too late already since this happened way back in April. It took quite some time since I really don’t know which photos to choose because finally, I had the chance to have a vacation and the good part was I was with my family and we really took a lot of photos while we were at Camiguin Island.

My sisters and I were actually not supposed to be a part of this trip since this was intended for my dad to have fun with his workmates together with our mom. But He decided to have us as well since we never really had a trip together as a family.

Camiguin Island is a small island which can be found in Mindanao and even though it is small, you can find a lot of beautiful tourist spots out there.


Port of Balingoan


Welcome to Camiguin Island!

Obviously, my mom isn’t very fond of travelling light. Haha! But it’s okay, we are five in the family, everyone’s hands should be busy. We went to the inn where we’ll stay for few nights right away and we still have to rest because we still have to wait to those who weren’t able to travel with us. But I was already very thrilled to start the tour!

My sister, Ricca slept while waiting, she loves to sleep. Whenever there’s nothing to do, she’ll fall asleep. So it was just me and Ella who went around the inn with the ocean as our view.

Dad’s workmate saw us both taking pictures of ourselves so he offered to take a photo for the both of us. It was really awkward!



With all that happened, we went back to our room afterwards because we might end up becoming his models. Haha! Good thing, as soon as we’re already in our room, it was already announced that we’re going to start our tour. Yey! I’m so excited!

Our first stop was at the Walkway to the Old Volcano. We just took a photo of the walkway and didn’t take the walkway at all since we would end up hiking it the whole day. Haha!


Next is at the Sunken Cemetery. There are actually graves under there but of course we didn’t go there directly as well.


My mom bought a souvenir there and I was actually tempted to buy one as well but I decided that I might have one from other shops and places we’d go since there’s still a lot more on our plans. And our next stop was at the Old Church Ruins. We didn’t have a tour guide that’s why I don’t know the history of the church. But Ella’s boyfriend who grew up in this island said that it isn’t good to take selfies there. He didn’t even explain why as well. LOL!



She’s crazy. 😀

It was an amazing place. I really wonder what year it was built and how it end up like this. After all that, we went to the famous Sto. Nino Cold Spring. And it was what I really needed!

Cold Spring3

Rash guard babies because we’ll never have those summer bods. Hahaha!

Cold Spring2

Forgive my body. 😀

Our next stop would be at the Tuasan falls but we took photos first near the Mt. Hibok-Hibok.



The Tuasan Falls was really my favorite part of the tour. I don’t know, I just fall in love with falls even when Jason and I went to Surigao last year, the Tinuy-an Falls was also my favorite.





It was a really long and fun day. And it ended really well with a beautiful sunset. God’s grace is definitely so bright!

Stay tuned for my next blog post. It would be filled with beaches!


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