Food Journal: Gone Bad at Bad Burgers

I love food. Well, who doesn’t?

Jason and I love to try different restaurants and food chains (if we have enough money to spend, LOL). And I’ve read a lot from Facebook and Instagram about this new burger place in town called Bad Burgers. Of course, Jason was so thrilled to try it out since burger is really one of his favorites; specifically large cheese burgers. So we went there last March 18 to try it out.

My burger gone bad. 🍔 #monstersfoodtrip

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I’ve posted this photo on Instagram and Bad Burgers regrammed it on their account. It made me really happy ^^

He ordered Cheesy Bacon Burger and he definitely loved it!

We really wanted to go back there sooner since I want to try their black burger. Plus I like their interior design but I didn’t take a picture of the place, though. But it was really great.

Last Thursday, May 12, my uncle who was just the same age as I invited me to lunch since he just came back from Cebu. I also invited Pearly because it has been a loooong time since we’ve seen each other. We decided to go to Bad Burgers even though Pearly don’t like burgers, it’s a good thing that Bad Burgers serve rice meals and she ordered Hungarian and Egg. But Dave ditched us, LOL. He said he got some errands to do but it’s okay since Pearly was with me and we definitely had a lot of stuffs to talk about. Although, it was just for a short time since she had to go back to work, we had a good chit-chat and we decided to see each other on Monday, May 23 for another food trip.

Lunch date ❤

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And by the way, have you seen the header of this post? I’ve also posted it on Instagram and regrammed it again on their account! ^^

Cheers to food!


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