What Happened to The Monster?

It’s been a while. Actually, I think it has been seven months already since my last post. I’ve been hiatus because my laptop don’t work anymore *cries*. The power button doesn’t turn on at all!

But anyway, this comback of mine isn’t about how miserable my life is. LOL. A lot happened. I lost my job but I still feel very blessed. I’ve been a lot closer to my parents now more than ever. I passed the Civil Service Professional Exam even though it is already my second time to take the exam. But still ☺☺☺

I tried to apply on different government agencies but I got no luck 😟 but I still got my hopes up anyway. My family is very supportive and they were never discouraged of me at all. That made me feel very blessed. Now that I’ve got no job and no laptop, I spent more time with my family. We went to Dahilayan Forest Park to celebrate my sister’s birthday and even rode the Dropzone with Jason! It was the first time I saw him so nervous. Haha!

✔ Dropzone at Dahilayan #monsterstravelsDAHILAYAN

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Jason also actually won their school’s Mr. Palakasan. It was like the Intramurals for other schools since they have sports activities on the said event as well.

Model sa Parking Lot 😍 jk. ✌😘 #aojianshu

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Isn’t he lovely? 😍

I’ve been having a lot of meetings with my dentist for the past few days as well because of my braces. She took it off just yesterday and I feel so empty now. LOL. But this freedom won’t last longer than expected since it would be replaced with a retainer on Friday. Zzz 😴


Braces no more ✌

From now on, I’d be posting through my cellphone. I may not be having watermarks on my photos but still. I can post directly. Right? 😁


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