Everyday Should Be Father’s Day (and Mother’s Day, too!)

SUNDAY 06-21-2015, Father’s Day. We’ve welcomed that day as if it was the birthday of my father. Though we really welcome events like this at exactly 12MN. I had a long day before that because mom asked me for some errands to do and that includes to buy his favorite chiffon cake. However, I wasn’t able to because of all the SHANGHAI Bakeries I have visited, it wasn’t available. So I ended up buying pizza.

We actually woke him up and he was snoring. Haha! We took a picture together but it was on my mom’s phone and I wasn’t able to copy it. Our little party ended around 1AM and we end up waking up at 9AM! That was quite unusual because even though my parents sleep so late, they can still get up really early, so I guess, that was a miracle. 😉

My dad actually decided to file a leave because 1. He’s going to have a basketball game at Xavier University’s Gym and 2. Of course, it was Father’s Day.

Every year, Nestle Philippines, Cagayan de Oro (my dad works there) organize basketball games which will be played by their employees. I think it is also a wonderful opportunity for them to stress out from work and workout at the same time. There are times when my dad’s team wins and there are times that they don’t. But I hope they’ll be the champions this time. On that game, they won for 30-28.

GOPR5867 copy

GOPR5865 copy

GOPR5857 copy

I forced them to act to have a stolen shot, my mom just really want to have a wonderful photo of hers, eh?


G0025850 copy

Every fathers that were at XU’s gym that time were greeted, including my dad. After the game, we went to Mindy’s Restaurant in Velez where we can eat all we can for just P240! I had a good time with the crabs there, haha!

GOPR5876 copy

GOPR5873 copy

G0035880 copy

Mom really wants to take pictures, it’s her way to preserve memories and events. I also think it is a great idea for us to be able to look back on our happy moments with our parents always. We are really so blessed to have parents like them. My dad is my superman, he has been with all of my troubles and he never failed to help me with all he can do. He gave us all our needs and really guide us in everything that we do. I can also say that I have the best mom in the world, she’s a great listener, very understanding and really knows what’s best for us. I love them both and I can never replace them for anything else.

It’s been more than a week already since Father’s Day, but I guess, it doesn’t matter, in my opinion, we shouldn’t just make our parents feel loved on events like this, we must show our respect, gratitude and love every day.





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