Summer Hangover!

I really spent quite some time to get over with my recent adventure in Surigao. But in the end, I end up thinking of having MORE. Well, I can’t go back there yet but I am really planning to. When my parents saw the pictures taken with my GoPro, they were so jealous that they would want to book for a reservation in the travel agency and of course, I won’t let them to book without me.

My squad, TJSMILED also went in Dinagat Islands, Surigao without me. Yes, not with me. The reason is not because I just went there recently and not because I don’t have enough money to spend my wanders anymore but my mom won’t allow me because I would be going home alone if ever I’d go with them. They planned to stay there for a week but the schedule of my work doesn’t seem fit so I end up left here in CDO. But anyway, I’m pretty sure they had so much fun.

Before TJSMILED got back here in CDO, my family had a wonderful bonding time just a week after Mother’s Day. So I guess that was planned by God as well. We went for another splashing adventure in Twin Hearts, Jasaan and I really enjoyed it. We laughed, swam and of course, we ate lots of food that were prepared by my dad.

2015-05-24 02.12

Outside the borders of Twin Hearts

It was a lovely day and we had so much fun taking pictures under water!

2015-05-24 02.07

2015-05-24 02.13

2015-05-24 02.23

2015-05-24 02.26

We really had so much fun. I can see in my parents’ faces that they were so delighted to see us complete. My sister Ella was smiling (she normally don’t) and of course, there goes my sister, Ricca who’s as lively as always.

2015-05-24 02.28

I thought that wonderful moment with my family will be my last summer getaway this year. But I was wrong AGAIN. Last Independence Day (June 12, 2015) it was declared that we won’t be having work therefore, the geeks planned to have ANOTHER trip and it’s to Hapitanan Beach Resort in Initao.

We played and swim all day long!

2015-06-13 08.42

Jason seemed as if he’s already a part of the team already since wherever he goes, he goes with us. ^^



THEY played volleyball.

We even brought these furry babies as well that’s why we end up all packed or full in the jeepney.





We haven’t thought of swimming immediately because it was too hot and it was very tempting to sleep. However, we will be picked up by the jeep we rented by 5PM that’s why some of us went ahead of the beach and some continued to stay by the cottage and played “Truth or Dare.”





I really had a great summer. It started in Cebu and then in Surigao, plus an extra bonding time with my family and with the smartest geeks in the world. I hope I would be having more thrilling summer next year!


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