Surigao (Part 3)

Okay, it is already June and everyone is posting about BACK TO SCHOOL stuffs already but I can’t relate to that anymore. Haha! And jeez. It’s been a while already and I haven’t completed my post about Surigao yet. Why? Because my laptop has gone mad again. It’s been four years already and I guess it is already retiring. I’m thinking of having a new one if my pocket would allow me to do so. But anyway this post is not about my rants in life. But on our next getaway of our Surigao trip.

Next stop, Enchanted River!

This place is really one of Jason and I’s bucket list. We’ve been planning to go there when we can already save much but I guess, this opportunity with the geeks made our dream come true earlier than expected.

So the moment has come for me to use my GoPro underwater. Of course, I was very hesitant but when I got these amazing results, I was so delighted!





These are really the best selfies we ever had!

For more photos of our Enchanted River fun, check out this album on my Facebook Account:


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