Surigao (Part 2)

The next part of our tour was at the Ocean View Park where the International Doll House was located at. At first, I am not very enthusiastic to get outside of the van because 1. We are about to go up on 200+ steps of stairs and 2. I am not very fond of dolls… since birth.

But of course, I also can’t afford to be left alone in the van.


The struggle began.


The both of us was late on the groufie so we just took one on our own.


Welcome to my not-so-favorite-place in the world.


Yes they are cute but they totally creep me out.

I don’t know, but I’m just not really great with dolls. When I was young, I really can’t forget the horror TV series called ‘Okatokat’ where there was an episode that featured haunted puppets and dolls and I think that was the very moment that really started my phobia with dolls.

But anyway, I am still glad to be here anyway because when I showed my lola the pictures that I got from the doll house, she was so happy.


2 thoughts on “Surigao (Part 2)

  1. Hello! I’m not a professional when taking photos at all. But maybe it is because of the camera. My camera really captures images that way. 🙂 Cool blog, though. It seems you have traveled to many places already. ^^


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