Travel Journal: Surigao

Okay, I know this is a little bit too late and few weeks have already passed but this wonderful adventure of mine is still very fresh in my mind. I can’t get over it. I think everyone else can never get over it… at all.

My boss was really thrilled when she saw a promo from CDO Travel and Tours where just for P2,500 one person can already go to Surigao and have fun! At first, I thought I won’t be able to come because my mom’s birthday was also approaching that time but of course, I would really like to go. Luckily, my parents understood and let me go. And I’m even more thrilled because Jason decided to come as well.

Our rendezvous with the tour guide was at Dunkin Donuts at 11:00 PM. Me and Jason arrived 30-minutes earlier than the designated meetup so we just bought some snacks that we can munch on for the entire ride from the pharmacy across the road.

I think I just slept on the entire ride but sad to say, Jason didn’t because he got the best (enough sugar coating, it is the worse) seat of the van, a stool. Anyway, he didn’t mind. We arrived in Surigao at 6:00 AM and our first stop was at the Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig City, Surigao.

And this what welcomed us:



The Legend of Tinuy-an Falls


See that stamp? We’re really in Tinuy-an Falls already! Me and the geeks even had fun of the stamp saying as if we are pigs that are sold in the market since they have stamps. But after we got our stamps, we got out of its gate again because we have to have breakfast. And after breakfast, we are already excited and get on our rash guards.


I always thought that the falls that we have seen as we stepped outside the van was the only falls of Tinuy-an but I am wrong. There’s actually three levels all in all! And that one that we’ve seen was just the first level.

So we are off to the second…


It’s even much more magnificent than the first one!


The view from the second level.

We got to the third one and it is even much closer to the skies. Reaching the top may be hard at first glance, but for me, it is all worth the effort.


Disclaimer: From here on, the following photos that are about to be shown are not mine, they are not edited nor labeled with my name. Credits to CDO Travel and Tours.

First Level:


Second Level:


Third Level:


This thing is funny, there’s this whole in the middle of the falls and Jason dared to go into it, at first, I hesitated because I thought it was very deep, and was actually not.


The next part of our tour was at the Ocean View Park where the International Doll House was located at. At first, I am not very enthusiastic to get outside of the van because 1. We are about to go up on 200+ steps of stairs and 2. I am not very fond of dolls… since birth.

But of course, I also can’t afford to be left alone in the van.


The struggle began.


The both of us was late on the groufie so we just took one on our own.


Welcome to my not-so-favorite-place in the world.


Yes they are cute but they totally creep me out.

I don’t know, but I’m just not really great with dolls. When I was young, I really can’t forget the horror TV series called ‘Okatokat‘ where there was an episode that featured haunted puppets and dolls and I think that was the very moment that really started my phobia with dolls.

But anyway, I am still glad to be here anyway because when I showed my lola the pictures that I got from the doll house, she was so happy.

Next stop, Enchanted River!

This place is really one of Jason and I’s bucket list. We’ve been planning to go there when we can already save much but I guess, this opportunity with the geeks made our dream come true earlier than expected. So the moment has come for me to use my GoPro underwater. Of course, I was very hesitant but when I got these amazing results, I was so delighted!


These are really one of the best selfies we ever had!


Pearly surely had fun underwater as well!

While we’re still in Enchanted River, I thought I am contented with what I’ve paid already but I guess I deserve even more! We departed from Enchanted River at around 4PM and arrived on our next stop which would be the hotel or cabin where we will be staying for the night. We arrived in MacArthur’s Place in Britania but we haven’t rested right away since we are so awed with the view of the place.


Isn’t this sunset, marvelous?

Later that evening, my fellow geek treated us dinner because it was his birthday. We sure are lucky, aren’t we? We had lots of sea foods that night and all of them are satisfying enough. However, as we are about to finish our meal, a blackout suddenly occurred and poor Jason was still on his 5th plate. Haha! But thanks to that blackout, we had to rest early and be ready for the island hopping on the next day. Yes, you’ve read it right, island hopping on Surigao, babies! (I am so thrilled to write this because that moment of my life come back in my mind again and again)

Okaaaaaaaay, when morning came, our boss woke us up, guess she’s excited as well. Hihi~ We only had one egg and one cup of rice plus dried fish, it wasn’t really satisfying but it was free so that was great. Haha! So here we go!


Okay, so she’s much more excited than me. 😛


New Sea Creature 😛


So that sums up our Surigao Trip. Fantastic, eh? And I’m still on a hangover!


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