Cebu 2015 (Day 3)

We are finally going home. Our flight will be in just a few hours from now and I’m not really enthusiastic about it. Well, #backtoreality that is. But first, I’m going to write what we did on the third day of our vacation here in Cebu.

It was Maundy Thursday, nothing is planned for today since my uncle who is our host, the parish priest was busy that day. So, me and my cousins planned our own getaway which was just in front of the church. We are going to the Mactan Newton! It’s actually just like the IT Park with lots of establishments, fast food chains, business centers, and they said even hotels and other companies are actually rising there.

So here we go…


My sisters, Ricca and Ella.

From the first place, only the three of us planned to go there. I really had a hard time convincing them since it was a very hot day. They fell when I told them that I would treat them food. =_=


The Mactan Newton.

Here we are! And I really love what I captured. It looks like a post card, right? It would even be better if the fountain around the dolphins are functioning but it wasn’t since it was down for the holiday. The palm trees and the buildings, the streets and its ambience looks like you are living and walking in LA. Ha ha! I wish :3


So here I am.

We planned to go to McDonald’s and buy fries because I’m craving of it!


With my cousin, Charlie.

He is the son of my late mama Tata who lived in Camotes Island in Cebu. We are really close to each other even though we only see each other once or twice a year.

My other cousins, Rr, Chicoi, Marja and Amir didn’t got a chance to had the fries because they came later than we have expected. So we had a short tour on the grounds of Mactan Newton.



Look who has come to rape my GoPro once again.


Feeling like a pro in photography.


At 7 Eleven.

Cagayan de Oro don’t have 7 Eleven that’s why we’ve all gathered here. I bought each one of them a sundae cone worth 15 pesos. It was really sweet and obviously, my sister, Ricca enjoyed it!


My cousins Marja and Amir are from Manila. And I love this silhouette shot of them.

We are going back to the church since we would be attending a mass. But anyway, I already had fun even just for a while.



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