Cebu 2015 (Day 2)

We were off for a long day. We are going to Cebu’s Castle Church or the Simala Shrine of Cebu.


Obviously and once again, we are very excited.

My uncle rented a Hiace van, 13 of us (including the driver) are going on a 2hr drive to the said place from Mactan Parish Church. Yes, we are staying on a convent. My uncle is the Parish Priest of the said church for about 3 or 4 years already and he was the one who recommended to go to Simala since it would be perfect for the Holy Week.


And because it was a 2hr drive, I had a bunch of selfie time.

But I guess, that was wrong, I actually slept the entire ride. Ha ha! My tito Rico was able to capture a photo of me but of course, I wouldn’t post it. 😛

My seatmate was my sister, both of us either snored, ate ang stared in the mirror along the way. Best seatmates, I guess?

And so, the long wait is over. We finally arrived.


At first glance, I thought I’m not currently in the Philippines.

It’s like an ancient castle, with lots of staircase. It’s not even painted, but I guess, it’s still better that way. For me, it is certainly breathtaking.


They have this beautiful well but they said it’s not a wishing well therefore I didn’t make a wish. 😀


Isn’t it beautiful? This is a part of the castle where the Station of the Cross is located.


Me and my sisters went up and I captured the main part of the castle. It is where the figures of Mama Mary are located at.

I wasn’t able to take a good pictures inside because it was very crowded and all there are actually a lot of devotees who are praying. But my tito Rico got me this:


Those frames were the ceilings! And did you noticed some of Mama Mary’s figures? 🙂


Of course, I didn’t missed to light a candle. I choose yellow and it is for peace.


My tito Bong (the one who photobombed beside my mother) told us that he wanted to go to Sto. Nino as well. That’s why were done in this magical and blessed castle. I’m really glad that I’m finally able to visit here. ^^

But just along the way, we stopped on Carcar, Cebu. They have wonderful shoes for sale which are said to be very sturdy and could last for a long time and are even very cheap. I bought one shoes which I’ve been looking for all this time. I’m going to post it some other time because I still haven’t used it. And sad to say, I didn’t bought my camera. Zzzz…


This is the entrance of Sto. Nino.


And amazingly, I lighted a candle and prayed once again.

After that, we already decided to go back to the convent and rest for a while because there would be a mass at 6PM. But before that, we had a quick shopping at the main store of Shamrock who sells the famous delicacies of Cebu.


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