Cebu 2015 (Day 1)

I was definitely excited last Monday because I know that it would be the last day for me to work for that week even if the week just started. Why? Because I finally filed a leave! No kidding. I never really planned on using it, maybe just on emergencies especially because I get so sick so easily. But the very reason why I was so excited because I am going to have a one week vacation together with my family to spend the Holy Week at Cebu!

However, whenever I get so excited, it would be so hard for me to fall asleep even though that I know that I had to wake so early to be on time or even earlier before the flight. But still, I woke up so early and prepared right away even if the schedule of our flight is still on 2PM. Ha ha!

And so… we went to my Nanay’s house at Iponan to fetch my cousin who would be riding with us on the plane. A blooper actually happened that time as well because my uncle forgot that he would be in charged to fetch my Nanay. 😀

But still, the adventure continued…


Due to the excitement that we all felt, we arrived 3hrs earlier our flight because our flight was also delayed with an hour. :3


And because of the boredom, me and my sister, Ella, played with my cousins Thea and Ica. (That’s Thea)


After a long time of waiting, we finally got a chance to be on board. Of course, my seatmates are my sister and my mother. And I got the window seat!


Wohoo! That was just a short ride but I am certainly looking forward with what’s going to happen next!

Welcome to Cebu!


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