Crafty Journal: Cellphone Case

It has always been a frustration of mine with whatever phone case that I wanted to have. I already bought a case with the Eiffel tower as its design, I also bought one online which didn’t last for a long time due to its poor quality.

By the way, my phone is Samsung S2 Duos. There are actually a lot of cases that can be found in the market however, I’m just really not good when it comes to choosing.

But now, that I have already decided to became a little bit crafty, I’ve decided to apply it on my cellphone as well. Last Friday, I am so glad because I’ve found these two sets of fabric tapes or washi tapes.


The first set is composed of two floral which are 3cm in width and with a length of 100cm.


The second set is composed of three checkered which are 1.5cm in width and with a length of 150cm.

It’s really hard to collect some washi tapes here in my country however, I’m still so lucky to have them anyway.


So here is the result:

2015-03-21 10.51

I used the pink checkered for the sides of my phone and one of the floral tapes for the center. I also made some patches to avoid covering the flash light, camera and speakers of my phone. I am planning to buy some transparent case to protect the tape and without covering my new artwork.


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