Crafty Journal: In My Room

I guess it is safe to say that finally, I already have my very own room. Before, I am actually sharing with my older sister, Ricca. But now that she already have a room of her own as well, I am already free to decorate and display things which I’m not allowed to display before at all.

Here’s one side of my wall that I just decorated recently and I really liked it.


There goes my bookshelf which was a DIY by my father. It was made from an old plywood and transformed it and made my bookshelf. I don’t have much books yet but of course, I’m planning to add more. Like I’ve said before, I am an otaku and I am very much proud of it. Those two posters are one of my favorite anime and manga. On the left side is Bleach and Kaichou wa Maid-sama on the right.

I put some washi tapes at the edge of the bookshelf to cover it up, however, I still don’t have any idea what to do with the rest of the plywood since it is already very old. I would like to cover it up to give more value to it.

I’m not really crafty, but when I do, I really look forward to its finish product. This time, I displayed my boyfriend and I’s picture by hanging it by the bookshelf.


The red and black polka dots are the washi tapes. I used a blue ribbon for me to hang the pictures and secured it with thumb tacks on both ends.

20150315_082237 20150315_082210 20150315_082203

I’m so delighted when I saw these cuties to clip the photos that I had.


This photo was taken from Rai Rai Ken when I and Jason were craving for Ramen.


So yeah, we actually cosplayed before as Mario and Luigi.


I really like this photo. It was taken at Nummies’ Sweet Shop.


This just recently happened at Cabula Resort and I really like it, the way he looked at me.


I seriously don’t know what to say about this.

With all of my resources and capability to do so, I’m so happy with the result. I am planning to work on the rest of my walls when I have more time to spare for it.


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