Life Journal: Team Building Weekend With The Smartest Geeks!

I always miss the chance to be with my company’s travels. They already went to Camiguin and Dahilayan without me because I always have something to do on those days. But now, when the company was planning to have another weekend getaway, to Cabula Resort, I immediately look forward to it, and told my mom that I’m really going.

I woke up early in the morning and called my boyfriend Jason, for us not to be late on the designated time that we should meet in the office. And so the adventure began…

1Meet Pearly – she’s my best friend since college and we’re still working together.

It was a really long ride, from my place at Bugo, to the office at Nazareth and to Cabula at Lumbia but it was all worth it and fun!

DCIM100GOPROWe arrived there almost 9AM, the sun was up and it was very amusing.

DCIM100GOPROThis is the view from our cottage. Beautiful isn’t it?

DCIM100GOPROThe resort only have one pool, but it was really huge and it has a zipline, too!

DCIM100GOPROI’m so glad that he woke up very early for this. 😛

DCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPROWacky as ever!

DCIM100GOPROSir Leo even took a shot of us that we didn’t even know. I just knew when I’ve connected the GoPro to my laptop.

7 5Ma’am Kris, and other girls helped preparing the food while others are…

DCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPROPlaying, jamming or seriously not doing anything.

After we ate and had rested for a while, we went to swim already. However, I’m still not really sure whether I should go and try the GoPro underwater. I guess, I really have to ask it to the store myself, just to be sure and to have more fun on our future getaways. My coworkers, tried the zipline, and I took a video of it but I can never try it myself. #coward

We had games, first was Catch the Tail, we had two groups, and each group will form a line. The head of the line should grab the last person or the tail of the other group to win the game. However, as we were playing, something or someone had hit my nose. I was dizzy for a while and sadly, I was out of the game. And after that, we had two more games.


I was really happy that finally, I had a chance to be with them after many weekend getaways of not going out with them.


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