Gotta Go to Paper Towns

John Green’s another masterpiece is just certainly as moving and marvelous as it can be. I just finished the book and I’m just so jealous of how free and cool Margo Roth Spiegelman is. I’m just so amazed how she was able to break in to any amusement parks, go out late at night, travel on her own, and bravely, she can ditch her parents.

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From the book’s prologue, it says that she was certainly very brave as she walked closely to the dead body at Jefferson Park and as the chapters went on, she stays very mysterious to the protagonist of the story, Quentin Jacobsen, who looked for so many ways just to find Margo.

How it all happened? When they were young, Margo and Quentin found a dead man and only Margo was so brave to get closer to the body and asked everyone in the neighborhood how he died. She was so in love with mysteries which later on, she became one.

Both Q and Margo never get close to each other when they grew up, despite of the fact that they’re just living next to each other. Nevertheless, Q continued to look Margo from afar even though he knows that he already has a boyfriend named Jase (I really like the name!). However, Jase cheated on her with Margo’s best friend Becca. And so, Q and Margo’s one night adventure began.

Margo knocked on Q’s window and invited him on a joyride. They made pranks to Jase, Becca, Lacey who always said that Margo was fat, and Chuck who always bully Q. After that long night, Margo disappeared and left a lot of clues that says she’s in a Paper Towns. But where the hell is Paper Towns?

Her clues lead Q to read a poem, break his own bedroom door, get inside an abandoned and creepy minimall, break in from pseudovision to pseudovisions, and even had a long ride from Florida to New York just to find Algoe which was a Paper Town as some maps have said it exist but it certainly does not.

Favorite quotes:

Just remember that sometimes, the way you think about a person isn’t the way they actually are.

Soon, there will be a movie of Paper Towns starred by my favorite model, Cara Delevingne and The Fault in Our Stars’ Isaac as Margo and Quentin or Q. I can’t certainly wait for it!



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