Life Journal: Splash Weekend!

Okay, so obviously, this is a very late post. Last Sunday, I woke up late at Joan’s house (from our sleepover), we had breakfast and then just right after that, my mom called saying that we are going to the pool that’s so far from where I am at that time. Yes, you’ve heard it right, POOL. She said my dad just thought of it so suddenly, so I got no choice.

I prepared immediately to go home, I didn’t even bothered to take a bath but I brushed my teeth anyway. It took me one hour and thirty minutes to travel from Joan’s house to mine. I grabbed all my swimming stuffs immediately as I got inside my own room because my whole family are so excited and ready.

We’re off to Kahulugan Spring at Jasaan!


My sister, Ricca can’t stop talking (and singing) while we’re on the way.

When we arrived, we’ve seen a couple of people were having fun with their respective families as well since it was Sunday. We thought we can’t have a vacant cottage at that time, but we are lucky enough because we did!


It was very small one but it didn’t matter because all of us fit inside and my sister can’t argue with that.

And the splashing begins!


Meet the parents. ♥


Here she goes again.

I have two sisters actually, but Noella or Ella spent most of her time inside the cottage. So the splashing and drowning was starred with…



Can’t wait for more family bonding moments like this, because I’m sure, there will still be more!


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