Life Journal: Selfies and Sweets!

March 5 is fast approaching, its Joan Pearl’s birthday and we had this yearly gathering where we’ll have sleepover. This year, we celebrated it last Saturday (February 28, 2015) because her birthday is on Thursday where we won’t have a chance to have a sleepover at all.

Before we went to her home, we had a detour in a new sweet shop in town and it was really sweet! The place is definitely perfect for my sweet tooth, especially when I had a meeting with my dentist earlier that day. The place have a very cute and relaxing ambiance with pastel colors all around me.

Screenshot (440)

Credits to: Nummies Sweet Shop’s Instagram post

I really love their Blueberry Cheesecake JarCake and I’m definitely having one next time. Of course, we had a bunch of pictures there and because of the cuteness of the place and their food, we can’t afford not to take a picture of them.


It’s selfie time!


Eli! We’re having selfies here!


Metchel knows her paparazzi too well.



4 5

Eat! Want some? 😉


and we’re done.

Screenshot (439)

The owner (I guess) even took a photo of us, too! It’s on their Instagram account as well. I really thank them for that sweet experience!


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